5 Best Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in DFW


Did you know there are more than 600,000 dogs and cats living in the Dallas area? It’s no surprise, then, that Dallasites view “pet-friendly” as one of the most important features in a Dallas apartment. And, as in every city, there are some neighborhoods that are more conducive to four-legged residents than others. If you’re looking for some new digs for you and your furry family member to settle down, here are five neighborhoods to consider.


The neighborhood of Uptown is one of the liveliest in Dallas. Not only is it a great place to meet up with friends for brunch or to grab a cocktail after work, but it also happens to be an awesome place to spend time with your four-legged companion as well. For instance, Katy Trail offers 30 acres of scenic, well-maintained paths, perfect for taking walks or runs with your best friend. The area is also home to Mutts Canine Cantina, an off-leash dog park that features a restaurant with some great “yappy” hour specials (their words, not ours).


When it comes to pet-friendly living, the suburb of Plano ranks near the top of the list. In fact, WalletHub lists Plano as #15 amongst 100 other cities in the U.S. based on factors such as pet health and wellness, as well as outdoor pet-friendliness. Dogs are allowed at many local restaurants in the area – just keep an eye out for the posted signs of approval. A few of our personal favorites include the Katy Trail Outpost and Lazy Dog. Looking to get out and enjoy some fresh air? Jack Carter Dog Park offers 2 acres for your pooch to explore.  


If you’ve set your sights on one of the many luxury apartments in Downtown Dallas, you won’t be disappointed, and neither will your pet. That’s because the area is easily considered one of the most pet-welcoming in the city. There are plenty of dog parks throughout the downtown area, including a designated section of Klyde Warren Park known as My Best Friend’s Park. There’s also Bark Park Central, which offers 1.5 acres of pet-friendly space.

Victory Park

The neighborhood of Victory Park is known for its walkability, both for those with two legs and four. And since it’s located conveniently at the end of Katy Trail, you can squeeze in a visit there as well. Victory Park is also home to a number of bars and restaurants that have patios which welcome furry companions, including The Grove at Harwood. If you haven’t been there yet, check it out, and be sure to try one of their famous snow cones while you’re there.

Oak Lawn

Situated less than a mile from Uptown, the Oak Lawn neighborhood offers some of the nicest pet-friendly perks in all of Dallas (not to mention affordability in terms of Dallas apartments). Many area restaurants boast spacious outdoor patios that are large enough to accommodate dogs of all sizes. If you dig Tex-Mex cuisine, Café Brazil is where it’s at, but there are plenty of other options to choose from as well. Nearby NorthBark Dog Park offers everything from trails and an expansive lawn to doggie showers and more.

As you can see, Dallas is home to many pet-friendly locations, activities and destinations. If you and your four-legged friend are looking for a new place to live in one of the neighborhoods listed above, we’ve got an impressive number of pet-approved Dallas apartments to choose from. Get in touch today to find out more!

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Lighten Up! 7 Creative Ways to Add More Natural Light to Your Dallas Apartment

Lighten Up! 7 Creative Ways to Add More Natural Light to Your Dallas Apartment

Congratulations! You’ve found the Dallas apartment of your dreams! It’s ideally located near everything you enjoy and need. It’s got lots of awesome perks and amenities. Maybe it’s even pet friendly. The only downside is that the lighting inside is awful. Does that mean you’re doomed to live a dim existence, or will be forced to move out of your beloved home? Not necessarily. In fact, there are plenty of creative ways you can capture more light for your rental space naturally and without having to spend a lot of money.

Maximize the incoming light you have.

Obviously most Dallas apartments have at least some windows, so you can leverage this to increase the light coming into your space. Even smaller windows can be optimized to capture as much light as possible. For best results, leave as much of your windows exposed as possible. Avoid things like darkening blinds, shades or curtains and instead opt for window treatments that allow you to control the amount of light you’re letting in while also providing for your privacy.

Lighten up your walls.

Believe it or not, the very color of your interior walls can have an impact on how bright your rental space is. If the rooms of your Dallas apartment happen to feature more dark paint than light, check your lease or contact your landlord to find out if you are allowed to change them to lighter, brighter colors. Think white walls are boring? Not if you use the right accessories to help give your rooms more life and personality. Another helpful trick – particularly for smaller rooms – is to paint the walls and the ceiling with the same sheen. This can give the room a much bigger, more open and brighter feel.

Decorate with mirrors.

Hanging mirrors on your walls can really open up a room. And because of their reflective nature, these accessories are also great for capturing and dispersing more light. And this tactic doesn’t have to be reserved only for wall mirrors. To the contrary, the more shiny surfaces and objects you incorporate into your décor, the lighter and brighter your rooms will become. Be creative and think outside the box. Try glass or mirrored chandeliers, lamps, shiny door knobs, silver or mirrored photo frames – the possibilities are endless!

Cover dark floors with lighter materials.

A lot of the beautiful apartments for rent in Dallas feature sleek and modern design which, in many cases, includes dark wood, tile or other flooring material. This may look sharp to the eye, but it can also make a room appear smaller and much darker. A quick and easy solution is to use light colored throw rugs that add more color and contrast to the space. Combining this with lighter walls and mirrors can really transform the look and feel of an otherwise dark room.

Use accessories that have a metallic finish.

Along with mirrors, there are plenty of decorative options that help reflect light and brighten the space. Try incorporating accessories with metallic properties, such as wall hangings, hardware, even furniture and other textiles – anything with a shiny or reflective texture will help. These things, like mirrors, help to bounce light around the room and will give the appearance that your Dallas apartment is much brighter than it actually is.

Switch to glass doors.

Many apartments in Dallas are large enough that they feature several interior doors to separate the rooms within. A great way to open things up and create the appearance of a larger, lighter space is to switch out solid doors with those that contain glass. You can still have privacy by using frosted glass, which is opaque enough that your roommates or guests can’t see in, but transparent enough to still let in plenty of light from each side.

Get creative with your lighting.

One common mistake many renters make is simply relying on the basic types of lighting available to them. Getting creative and changing things up can really make a huge difference in how bright your rental space can become. And the good news is, you don’t have to hire an electrician or make any major changes to your Dallas apartment either. It’s really just a matter of incorporating light sources that offer different angles and other perspectives. For example, instead of only using table lamps, try incorporating a floor lamp that projects light upwards or wall sconces that can be plugged into nearby outlets.

Good lighting isn’t always a prerequisite when considering which Dallas apartments for rent would be the best fit, but it’s still pretty important. The great news is, even if the apartment you fall in love with isn’t as bright as you’d hoped, there are plenty of options to improve it – and most of which don’t require a huge investment of time or money. Just be sure to always check with your landlord prior to making any significant changes and to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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Top 15 Dog Friendly Restaurants & Bars in Dallas to Take Your Pup

Did you know that 44% of households in the state of TX include a canine family member? That’s over half a million dog owners in Dallas alone. And as more dog-loving Millennials enter the housing market, and more property managers adopt pet-friendly policies, it’s logical to assume that number will continue to rise. If you’re living in or considering relocating to the area and you’re searching for a local watering hole you can visit with your best friend in tow, here are 15 awesome dog friendly restaurants and bars in Dallas you have to check out.

Mutts Canine Cantina – This uptown locale lets you enjoy all your favorite things in one welcoming place – good food, refreshing beverages and lots of wagging tails. It’s arguably the cream of the crop when it comes to dog friendly restaurants in Dallas. Enjoy an ice-cold craft beer, nosh on an artisan hotdog and spend some time socializing with the ones you love – both two-legged and four.

Katy Trail Ice House – Located in the heart of uptown, this recipient of the “best patio in Dallas” award boasts a 50 foot long bar with 50 beers on tap and plenty of gratifying grub. Their location features open seating and a casual, canine-friendly atmosphere. And since it’s located right off Katy Trail, you can round out an invigorating run with some food, drinks and fun at the Ice House.

Sundown at Grenada –  This friendly neighborhood eatery features a surprising selection of over 60+ beers and the largest patio on Lower Greenville (hence it’s ranking as one of the best dog friendly bars in Dallas). Their menu is chock-full of tempting farm-to-table fare, including grass-fed beef as well as a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. Their laid-back vibe and furry-friendly atmosphere provides the perfect place to chill out and catch up with friends.

Lee Harvey’s – If you’re looking for a cool spot to hang out, let your hair down and just be yourself, then you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Lee Harvey’s. This hip, retro South Dallas hangout offers patrons a variety of melt-in-your-mouth items from an ever-evolving menu and plenty of refreshing beverages to wash them down. Outside, enjoy picnic bench seating, live music and dog-friendly Sundays.

Truck Yard – Want a change in atmosphere? Check out Dallas’ Truck Yard, a unique complex that houses a wide variety of food trucks in an expansive, retro outdoor space complete with a tree house (yes, you read that right) and several trailer bars. The website invites you to “come as you are” and proudly touts itself as an “adult playground”. Oh, and of course, four-legged patrons are also welcome. This place gets an ‘A+’ on the cool meter.

Mercat Bistro – French food and tapas are what’s on the menu at this refreshingly contemporary Dallas bistro. Choose from a spectacular wine selection, by the bottle or glass, dine on fresh fare made with locally-sourced ingredients and sip some suds in the sunshine on the gorgeous outdoor patio. It’s the perfect combination of classy and comfortable, and is a great place to bring your kids – whether human or canine.

Full Circle Tavern – The pub brands itself as “a badass circle of food, service, and atmosphere.”  With an award-winning menu, a full bar with an assortment of drafts, canned beers, spirits and libations, and service with a sassy smile, we can hardly argue. And since dogs are also welcome, well….this place really can’t be beat.

Garden Café – Who doesn’t love the proverbial “hidden gem?” That’s exactly how many locals describe the Garden Café. With an impressive menu of tasty farm-to-table dishes, including several vegetarian options, this place is a gastronomical delight. Want an adult beverage? It’s BYOB every day, and, of course, dogs are welcome to join their human companions on the lush garden patio.

Vickery Park Bar – If you’re a fan of happy hour specials (and really, who isn’t) then Vickery Park Bar is your kind of place. Enjoy great drink and food specials that are both delicious and gentle on the wallet. For dog-lovers, the covered patio makes for a great place to enjoy time with your friends or just hang out with your canine companion. It’s a place where everyone can feel comfortable and right at home.

Rodeo Goat – Another popular locale among the many dog friendly bars in Dallas, the Rodeo Goat offers great, unique pub food to go with its unusual yet memorable name. The atmosphere is deliciously casual, with communal seating and super friendly service. Enjoy a mimosa with brunch, a beer with lunch or a margarita with dinner and relax with your furry friend on one of the 2 outdoor patios.

Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House – No need for reservations at this come-as-you-are Dallas eatery. The open-seating patio welcomes people and pets alike to relax, unwind, enjoy some delicious comfort food, including some pretty creative burger combinations. You can also choose from one of the many beers they have on tap. It’s a great place to sit. Stay. (See what we did there?)

LUCK Local Urban Craft Kitchen – For a truly unique and interesting Dallas eating experience, LUCK is your go-to choice. With a creative cuisine made from fresh, perfectly paired ingredients and a selection of over 50 beers (many of them local), you’re sure to find something to quench your craving. It’s American comfort food with a distinct Texas twist, and it’s counted among the top dog friend restaurants in Dallas, so grab Fido and let’s go!

Bolsa – Creative dishes crafted with fresh, local ingredients and hyper-seasonal menu items that are changed out as frequently as two to three times per week make this Dallas market café and wine bar a diamond in the rough. They claim to have the best cocktails in the city, but that’s something you might want to try out for yourself. Oh, and let’s not forget their gorgeous pup-friendly patio.

Twisted Root Burger Co – If a juicy burger’s what you’re craving, you don’t want to skip the Twisted Root Burger Co. Voted by readers as “Best Burger” in D’ Magazine for several years, this is the place to be if you’ve got a hankering for some good, ol’ fashioned comfort food. And beef isn’t the only thing on the menu. There’s also turkey, buffalo, and vegan options, as well as a wide variety of seasonal game meats. Wash it down with an indulgent milkshake or choose from their full bar, and don’t forget to bring your four-legged friend along for the ride.

Cane Rosso White Rock – Who doesn’t love a good piece of perfectly prepared pizza? Named “Best Pizza in Dallas” by D Magazine for several years running, Cane Rosso specializes in authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza made with the highest quality ingredients, handmade dough, mozzarella made in-house daily. They also offer fresh pasta and unique takes on traditional Italian dishes. Why not split a pie with your pooch on the patio? (We’ll never tell.)

With so many dog-friendly bars and restaurants, Dallas is the place to be for those who count four-legged companions as part of the family! Need help finding that perfect property where you and your best friend will feel right at home? Call Dallas Apartment Locators today and let’s discuss how we can help!

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