The name says it all. Dallas’ Design District is a relative newcomer to the area’s desirable places to reside however don’t discredit its status as fleeting. The Design District is fast becoming one the most popular neighborhoods in town. Shopping, award-winning restaurants, breathtaking art galleries and an impressive selection of magnificent Design District apartments for rent make this area a hotspot for those who desire to be in the thick of one of Dallas’ trendiest parts of town.

Where: Two miles due North of Downtown

Why you want to live there: If art and design are your thing, then the Dallas Design District is the place to be. Museum-quality art collections surround refurbished industrial living and retail spaces, facilitating the fascinating revitalization of old warehouses into desirable new homes. Nightlife is particularly unique in this area, with fun gallery events overshadowing a loud bar scene. Of course, that’s not to discredit the district’s outstanding selection of restaurants, popular breweries and relaxing cafes perfect for a late night pick-me-up.

We’d be remiss to not mention the district’s easy access to to both downtown and the highways leading out of the the city as well as the outdoor areas surrounding the Trinity River’s Continental Bridge. For these, and countless other reasons, people are clamoring to get their hands on one of the many luxurious Design District apartments for rent.


  • Population: 1,932
  • Median age: 33.2
  • Median household income: $80,263

A few of our favorite places:

  • Shopping: Lula B’s, Uncommon Market Inc., Design District Market
  • Food & Drink: Meddlesome Moth, FT33, Pakpao Thai Food
  • Art and Culture: Dallas Contemporary, Conduit Gallery
  • Attractions: Theatre Tree, Viva Dallas Burlesque
  • Nightlife: Taboo Lounge, Graileys, Bishop Cider Tasting Room
  • Parks & Rec: Centennial Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, Klyde Warren Park

Despite its relative newness to the Dallas neighborhood scene, the Design District is a hot spot for those looking for a unique area that’s located in close proximity to downtown. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the industrial and artistic living of the Dallas Design District, let the experienced Dallas Apartment Locators team find for your perfect apartment immediately.

*Data provided by DMagazine and Yelp


Why Design District Dallas Luxury Apartments Are So Great

The Design District in Dallas may be a relatively new residential area, but it is fast becoming one of the most desirable places to reside in town. It’s one of the trendiest places, with shopping and fine restaurants, art galleries and breathtaking luxury apartments for rent. If you’re looking to live in a trendy part of town, there’s no better place to find luxury apartments for rent.

Design district, Dallas luxury apartments are located just two miles north of downtown Dallas, making them easily accessible and ideally located. The area has much to offer, particular for those interested in art and design, as it is surrounded by galleries and museums featuring impressive collections. Many of the luxury apartments and retail outlets located here are converted industrial buildings. It’s a great example of how old warehouses can be revitalized and refurbished into desirable new homes and how an industrial area can be transformed into one of the most desirable places to live.

In addition to the rich culture, those living in Design District, Dallas also enjoy access to a unique nightlife experience. With the undertone of a vibrant bar scene, there’s always something fun and interesting going on here! There’s also an outstanding selection of restaurants and breweries, as well as quiet cafes to relax in or grab a late night pick-me-up.

It’s not just the galleries, restaurants, nightlife and revitalized luxury apartments that make Design District, Dallas a much sought after location to live, but it’s also remarkably well-connected, with easy access to downtown as well as the highways leading out of the city and the outdoor areas surrounding the Trinity River Continental Bridge.

Those considering Design District, Dallas luxury apartments must also consider the demographics. It has a median population of 1,900 with an average income of $80,000 and the average age of 33 years. Even though this is a new district it is a unique area that is connected to downtown, which means that you’ll never be too far from all that Dallas has to offer.

Being located so close to downtown Dallas means that there are many activities to indulge in without having to spend a great deal of money. There is the Dallas art district, which has museums and art galleries to visit and also plenty of festivals and street performances to partake in. If you enjoy the great outdoors, the Katy Trail is perfect for jogging, bicycling or just enjoying the parks and nature. There are also many parks that are perfect for families with young children.

All in all, Design District, Dallas luxury apartments are not only ideally located, but also a place where you can indulge yourself in any number of enjoyable activities.