Uptown Dallas Luxury High-Rise Apartments

It’s see or be seen when it comes to those who live in and around Uptown Dallas. Defined by its innovative urban character, Uptown has quickly become one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in the city.  Thanks to minimal tax incentives enforced in the early 90’s, the Uptown Improvement District (Uptown PID) has been able to implement a number of public enhancements – including a booming number of beautiful Uptown Dallas apartments for rent – creating a safer and wonderfully unique place to live.

Want to get around without the expense or hassle of owning a car? Not to worry!Uptown Dallas is known for its “walkability,” with everything from upscale dining and shopping to trendy nightlife all within a few steps from each other. Or, hop on one of the McKinney Avenue trolleys, a line of restored vintage trolley cars providing free – yes free – transportation around the neighborhood. And with such close proximity to some amazing career opportunities, the possibilities are endless!

Where: Slightly north of downtown and west of the North Central Expressway.

Why you want to live there: Uptown Dallas is a dynamic neighborhood teeming with young professionals seeking a more trendy and luxurious lifestyle. If you are looking for great shopping, amazing food, exhilarating nightlife and a healthy mix of outdoor activities all within walking distance, the selection of apartments in Uptown will not disappoint.


  • Population: 20,627
  • Median age: 33.3
  • Median household Income: $88,044

A few of our favorite places:

  • Shopping: Grange Hall, Nest, Vintage Martini, West Village
  • Food & Drink:  Abacus, La Duni, Social House, Katy Trail Ice House, Breadwinners Café & Bakery
  • Arts and Culture: Theatre Three, McKinney Avenue Contemporary, 4th Wall Gallery
  • Attractions: McKinney Avenue Trolley, McKinney Avenue Contemporary
  • Nightlife: The Idle Rich Pub, Fat Rabbit, The Den Bar & Grill, Blackfriar Pub
  • Parks and Rec: Klyde Warren Park, Grigg’s Park, The Katy Trail

Due to its close proximity to surrounding downtown and Oak Lawn neighborhoods, Uptown, Dallas is a hub for fantastic shopping, dining and entertainment options as well as plenty of outdoor recreational activities. If this sounds like your ideal neighborhood, let us know and we’ll get started on finding the perfect Uptown, Dallas apartments for rent now.

*Data provided by DMagazine and Yelp


The Beautiful Apartments in Uptown Dallas

Nestled north of Downtown Dallas, Uptown Dallas happens to be a thriving and lively neighborhood. Over the past few decades, the uptown area has gone through a serious makeover and has become one the most desired neighborhood to live in the city.

Uptown Dallas has transformed itself into the ideal live-work-play atmosphere. In the 1990s, it went through a large-scale revitalization process, which included the construction of apartments in Uptown Dallas as well as condo buildings, massive commercial space and also a wide variety of options for fine dining, shopping and a happening nightlife. This area has it all – from an awesome cultural experience to an enjoyable laid-back atmosphere.

Uptown Dallas is has become a popular place to call home, especially for young professionals who make up a good portion of those renting apartments in Uptown Dallas. The number of buildings with apartments in Uptown Dallas is more than 40 and many of them are quite new. These rentals happen to feature the best locations and offer a wide range of styles. In fact, the area is dominated with buildings that feature luxurious apartments in Uptown Dallas.

The urban design of the Uptown neighborhood allows its residents to simply walk to just about any place they need or want to go to.  Another benefit of living in an apartment in Uptown Dallas is that most of the popular hotspots of Uptown are located in close proximity to many of the apartments in Uptown Dallas.

Areas like State Thomas are brimming with some of the best condos and apartments in Uptown Dallas. Being centrally located right in the middle of town, with an impressive selection of shopping and dining options, makes it a particularly trendy spot for residents.

Life in Uptown provides an authentic urban feel thanks to an abundance of tall towers, condos, city-style townhouses and apartment buildings. Most of these residences were recently developed, another reason so many are flocking to get into the apartments in Uptown Dallas.

Some of the many perks that come with living in an apartment in Uptown Dallas include the amazing dining, shopping and entertainment options that are nearby. The trendiest stores, like Cowboy Cool, Kendra Scott and Nicole Kwan are located in the West Village, offering some of the latest and greatest in fashion accessories and apparel.

Those lucky enough to score an apartment in Uptown Dallas will also find a virtually endless selection of eating and dining options, from brunch to formal dining in restaurants considered to be among Dallas’ finest. The Village Burger Bar, Bread Winner’s Café, Manny’s Uptown, Dream Café and the Common Table are just some of the many popular spots for people living in Uptown apartments.

People who live in condos and apartments in Uptown Dallas also enjoy plenty of entertainment within walking distance and a famous nightlife scene that attracts people from all over the state and the country.

With an ideally located neighborhood and everything so close, who wouldn’t want to live in one of the beautiful apartments in Uptown Dallas?