Relocation FAQs

Q: My company is giving me a lump sum, and I have to use that to cover all of my expenses including movers, travel, deposits and fees. How can I make that last?

A: Each of our lifestyle experts can help you save money and time by using vendors with pre-negotiated rates! We will take the time to talk with you about your moving plans in depth, so that we can help you cut corners at every angle. Including finding you the best deal on an apartment!

Q: I’m not familiar with my company’s office downtown, or how to arrange transportation there. Is it better to drive or take DART?

A. It depends on the location of your company, but we always recommend taking public transportation downtown as parking is pricey! Plan to pay anywhere from $75-$200 in a monthly parking garage.

Q: I need to be in the DART Rail to access the lines I need for my commute. Are all properties on there?

A. The DART rail has specific stations throughout Dallas, some larger than others where you can park & leave your car. Other communities are on the bus line, as many are just a block away. You can plan your route ahead of time here:

Q: What items will I need to preview apartments?

A. Either a copy of your passport or driver’s license

Q: What paperwork will they require from me for the application process?

A. Typically bank statements or an offer letter is ample, although every property is different and will explain the details to you when leasing.

Q: I am planning on renting a Uhaul and moving my household goods myself, can you recommend a good mover to simply unload once I get here?

A. Absolutely! We have several great resources for you with various price points

Q: What are the costs associated with leasing an apartment?

A. Typically there is an application fee, admin fee and deposit. Sometimes these fees are waived with look n lease specials, and the deposit is based upon credit but if you figure between $500-$1000 plus your first month’s rent, you should be covered.

Q: Can I do my paperwork from another city?

Yes! Almost all websites have the capability to reserve apartments online

Q: How soon should I start my apartment search?

A. Most properties are on a 60 day notice, so that’s the time frame we recommend. If you look too early, you miss out on look n lease specials which can save you money!

Q: How do I know what expenses are tax deductible for my moving costs?

A. Great question! There are some specific parameters that the IRS has given for these deductions based on where you’re moving from and where you’re moving to. Consult your tax advisor for specific details, but remember to save all your receipts.