Dallas Through the Seasons: Seasonal Events and Activities

In Dallas, every season brings its own fun. See a game at AT&T Stadium and eat good food at Sonny Bryan’s. Feel the thrill of winning or shake off a loss with top brisket and ribs. Don’t miss the State Fair of Texas in Fair Park from late September to October. It’s more than just… View Article

The Best BBQ in Dallas: A Food Lover’s Guide

For food lovers, Dallas is a dream spot for BBQ. This city offers tastes from smoky Central Texas style to tangy Kansas City flair. Top spots like Pecan Lodge serve mouthwatering brisket and fried chicken, while Lockhart Smokehouse wows with beef brisket and more. Don’t miss Terry Black’s Barbecue, too, famed for its juicy meats…. View Article

Why is Dallas a Good Place to Start a Business

Dallas shines as a top choice for entrepreneurs. With its vast population and strong small business presence, opportunity abounds in this bustling metro area. The tax advantage is A key perk; Texas boasts zero state income tax rates. This means you keep more hard-earned cash, making Dallas less pricey than many big cities where taxes eat into profits…. View Article

Why People Love Uptown Dallas

Searching for the perfect place to call home in Dallas? Look no further than Uptown. This vibrant neighborhood captures hearts with its dynamic energy, diverse living spaces, and various lifestyle choices suitable for all budgets. Here, you’ll find a blend of traditional homes and sleek new apartments that radiate modern charm. With expert guidance from skilled… View Article

Uptown Dallas’s Parks and Outdoor Escapes

Uptown Dallas brims with outdoor spaces perfect for leisure and play, among which Griggs Park stands out. With a walking path framed by the city skyline, it’s ideal for active lifestyles and peaceful moments. The park offers an emerging playground for families to delight different age groups. Community spirit shines during events like UDI’s Movies… View Article

A Journey Through Uptown Dallas’s Cultural Hotspots

Embark on a culinary adventure through Uptown Dallas, where cultural flavors come alive. At Baboush, savor Lebanese and Moroccan delights crafted from street food inspirations in the vibrant West Village. Sample modern twists like Vietnamese meatballs or Thai tacos alongside classic Shrimp Pad Thai at this Eastern Mediterranean haven. Next door unfolds Mutt’s Canine Cantina,… View Article

Exploring the Vibrant Food Scene in Uptown Dallas

Uptown Dallas bursts with flavor, offering a taste of Southern comfort alongside gourmet adventures. Here, home-cooked meals whisper tales of Southern warmth while novel dishes challenge culinary norms. This dynamic food scene truly shines at local festivals such as Taste of Dallas and Smoked Dallas. Summer in the city brings together cooking contests, music, and… View Article

How to Negotiate for Cheaper Rent

Looking for a cheaper spot to live in Dallas? To score a good deal, you need the right approach. Not every landlord will bend on rent. Yet, with some research and timing, your odds improve. First, understand Dallas’ rental scene. Are there more apartments than people, or vice versa? With lots of options out there,… View Article

Tips for Navigating Apartment Listings Online

Looking for an apartment can be quite a task, but with the right approach, you’ll find your ideal home in no time. Begin by deciding on which floor suits your lifestyle best. Some prefer the view from up high, while others love being closer to ground level. Timing matters, too. Learn when listings refresh so… View Article

Is Dallas, TX, Expensive to Live In?

You might hear that Dallas, TX, offers a good deal for your wallet. Let’s look closer at the true cost of living in this vibrant city. Compared to Los Angeles, you’ll save just over 31% if you move here. Yet Dallas’s living expenses are about 2% above the U.S. Here, an apartment averages $1,577 monthly…. View Article

5 Ways To Streamline Your Apartment Hunt

Embarking on an apartment hunt in Dallas can seem daunting, yet with the right strategy, you can simplify your search. Utilizing a reliable apartment finder service is one key method to cut through the clutter of listings and pinpoint exactly what suits your needs. Keep reading for five savvy tips that will smoothen this process… View Article

Renting an Apartment vs. Buying a House

Deciding between renting an apartment and buying a house marks a significant life milestone. You may ponder whether the lower upfront costs of renting outweigh long-term homeownership benefits, like building equity over time. As you dive into these options, consider how each choice aligns with your financial goals and lifestyle needs. For those exploring rentals… View Article

The 5 Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals in Dallas

Navigating the vibrant cityscape of Dallas as a young professional, you seek a neighborhood that matches your lifestyle. With an abundance of choices at your fingertips, deciding where to plant roots can be overwhelming. Whether it’s proximity to dynamic workspaces or a buzzing social scene, five standout neighborhoods cater distinctly to youthful energy and ambition…. View Article

How Walkable is Uptown Dallas?

Discover the pedestrian-friendly streets of Uptown Dallas, where convenience meets urban charm. As a coveted neighborhood for its blend of luxury living and accessible amenities, you’ll find everything within walking distance. For those seeking an ideal apartment in this vibrant area, Dallas Apartment Locators cater to your needs with precision, finding spaces that align with… View Article

The 5 Most Popular Dallas Neighborhoods for Renters

Searching for your ideal Dallas neighborhood to call home? You’re in luck, with vibrant communities beckoning newcomers and long-time residents alike. Whether you crave the bustling city vibe of Downtown, the artsy flair of Deep Ellum, or the serene streets of Bishop Arts District—Dallas delivers diversity. Leverage a skilled apartment finder from Dallas Apartment Locators… View Article

How to Find Your Dream Rental in Dallas

Searching for your perfect rental in Dallas can be both thrilling and challenging. You need a trusted partner that simplifies the process, offering expert insights into the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Dallas Apartment Locators stands out as your go-to apt finder in Dallas, TX, delivering personalized service to match you with an ideal home that fits… View Article

The Pros & Cons of Living in Uptown Dallas

You’re considering a move to Uptown Dallas, aren’t you? As with any neighborhood, there are pros and cons. High-rise apartments provide luxurious accommodations, whereas day-to-day living experiences depend on the collective elements of the community in which you live. Your decision ultimately hinges on which elements are most important to you. Pros of Living in… View Article

Top Reasons to Live in Victory Park

You’re weighing your options for moving to Dallas. Victory Park should certainly top that list. This neighborhood bursts with energy and offers a great blend of entertainment and top-notch living spaces. From modern apartments to high-end luxury units, this area has an abundance of options for the discerning tenant. The Victor, the tallest rental building… View Article

The 10 Top Trendy Neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas

Are you moving to Texas and curious about Dallas’ happening spots? Let us tour the city’s ten most stylish neighborhoods, brimming with fashion, food, art, and lively nighttime escapades! Uptown Uptown shines with city charm. Here, boutiques and offices are a short walk away. And the nightlife? Jump on McKinney Avenue’s streetcars to dive right… View Article

How To Make a Smooth Move to Dallas

Ready to head to Dallas? Moving can be quite a task, but with some handy advice, you’ll easily make it there. Let’s walk through some steps to make your Dallas move smooth and simple. Know Your Dallas Before making the big move, do a little homework. Dallas has many neighborhoods, each with its own charm…. View Article

Is High-Rise Apartment Living for You?

Contemplating a move? Consider the allure of high-rise living in Dallas. Imagine mesmerizing skyline views, top-notch amenities, and superior safety measures. Dallas’ luxury high-rise apartments offer a cozy space and a chic lifestyle of convenience and sophistication. But is it the perfect fit for you? Let’s explore the highs and lows of living in the… View Article

High-Rise Vs. Low-Rise Apartment: Which is Right for You?

You’re on the hunt for a new home in Dallas. The city boasts an impressive range of luxury high-rise apartments. But have you considered low-rise options too? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer; your perfect fit hinges on personal needs and lifestyle. Both high-rises and low-rises have distinct benefits worth exploring before making a decision. Let’s delve… View Article

Moving In? Here are Tips for Decorating Your Apartment

You’re stepping into a new chapter of your life, moving into a luxury apartment in Dallas. This fresh start comes with the chance to shape it in line with your style and preferences. You may feel overwhelmed about where to begin decorating, though. Here are some practical tips that will steer you through this process… View Article

Why You Should Move to Uptown Dallas

You may be looking for a vibrant, hip place to live, and Uptown Dallas is the perfect fit. You’ll never get bored of this lively neighborhood with its trendy restaurants, chic boutique stores, and thriving bars! Plus, there are plenty of luxury apartment options in high-rises that provide unbeatable views of Downtown Dallas. And if… View Article

13 Secrets to Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Are you looking for pet-friendly luxury apartments in Dallas, Texas? With so many different variables to consider, it can be difficult. But don’t worry. We have tips to make your search easier! From viewing amenities online before visiting in person to understanding landlord policies and knowing what questions to ask at an interview, follow these… View Article

A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Apartments

Are you planning to rent an apartment but are confused about the different types out there? Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place! From traditional studio apartments, condos, townhouses, duplexes, and more. Learn which rental property fits best into your lifestyle. With detailed information on amenities specific units offer and differences in pricing from… View Article

Your Neighborhood Guide to Living in Uptown Dallas

Are you considering a move to the amazing Uptown district of Dallas? Our guide will help make your transition smooth and give you valuable insight into apartment hunting. We know there are plenty of luxury apartments in this hot spot, so whether it’s a high-rise with stunning views or something lower-key but still modern and… View Article

5 Ways in Which Apartment Living Can Improve Your Life

Living in apartments can offer many advantages that make life more comfortable. It’s a great way to reduce the cost of living and increase the quality of one’s lifestyle at the same time. There are five key benefits, which range from promoting convenience to providing peace of mind due to improved security measures. Additionally, apartment… View Article

The 5 Best Neighborhoods for Families in Dallas

With abundant amenities and quality schools, these five areas stand out from the rest. Preston Hollow provides plenty of green spaces and proximity to art districts. Northwood Hills boasts great public schools, while Highland Park offers spectacular homes just minutes away from downtown Dallas. Uptown is perfect for those who want easy access to major… View Article

What Apartment Amenities Do Gen Z and Millennials Want?

In today’s rental landscape, these generations seek amenities designed for their lifestyle needs, from fitness centers with virtual classes and green living options to Wi-Fi lounges or communal spaces for entertainment. Savvy renters also desire convenient access, such as integrated smart technology like digital locks and remote leasing capabilities. As you search for your next… View Article

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Luxury Apartment for You

Searching for the perfect luxury apartment can be overwhelming, so let us help you make it easier! Through extensive research on the best Dallas apartments and reviews from experienced renters in Uptown and Downtown Dallas, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to finding your ideal home away from home. Our tips cover everything from neighborhood features… View Article

What to Do If Your Rental Application is Denied

It can be extremely disheartening when your rental application is denied. But understanding why you were turned down and exploring other options are important steps in finding a new home. You’ll want to read up on some of the common reasons for denial so that you know where to start looking for solutions, such as… View Article

What is the Average Rent in Dallas, TX?

The average rental rate in Dallas, TX, can vary depending on where you look, but it’s important to get a good understanding of what is typical for this market before making your decision. Dallas is the #59 most expensive large city in the U.S., with a median rent of $1,339.  Average Rent for Standard Apartments… View Article

When is the Best Time to Rent an Apartment?

Are you looking to move into an apartment soon and want to know when the best time is? Many factors must be considered, such as which month has more vacancies or which amenities fit your budget. Let’s break down what matters most while renting so that you can find the right place at a great… View Article

Which of the Six Uptown Dallas Neighborhoods is Right for You?

Are you looking for the perfect Uptown Dallas neighborhood to call home? With its convenient location, delicious dining options, and vibrant nightlife, it’s no wonder why so many people are moving to this exciting area. Whether you’re a professional with an eye on luxury apartments in Uptown Dallas or want something close enough for a… View Article

Is Downtown Dallas a Good Place to Live?

Living in Downtown Dallas can be a great experience, especially if you choose one of the many luxury apartments available. Its thriving economy and growing population provide an exciting culture and plenty to do. New sports arenas, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues will pop up all over Downtown Dallas, making it perfect for those looking… View Article

What to Consider When Looking for an Apartment in Uptown Dallas

Are you a young professional looking to move to Uptown, Dallas? That is the best decision you are going to make about your social life and experience. Uptown Dallas is famous for being home to many young people with a median age of 33.3 and for its breathtaking apartments. But we know that choosing an… View Article

Uptown or Downtown Dallas: Which is Which?

Typically, downtown areas are the most preferred by professionals, either due to their cultural significance and resilience or because they are convenient for everyone. But thanks to luxury apartments in Dallas uptown areas, most professionals have reversed their preferences. In addition, there are various other reasons that make uptown a favorite residential area among professionals…. View Article

Know Before You Go – How to Plan the Perfect Dallas Apartment Hunt

Landing a new apartment can be an exciting milestone. But before you put pen to paper and sign a long-term, legally binding lease, our Dallas apartment experts recommend working through the following list. That way, you’ll cover all your bases, avoid any unexpected and potentially costly surprises and make the transition into your new home… View Article

Apartment Hunting from Afar: How to Maximize a Virtual Apartment Tour

  Searching for an apartment during a global pandemic can be downright challenging. Many property managers and landlords have turned to digital tools to meet the new social distancing requirements, which means renters must now rely on virtual tours rather than in-person showings.   With experts predicting this trend will continue even after things return… View Article

4 Ways to Get Around Dallas without a Car

  Owning a car isn’t for everyone. Some people choose to go vehicle-less for environmental reasons. Others simply can’t afford it. Whatever the reason, if you are among the sans-car community, you’ve picked a pretty stellar place to live. In fact, Dallas is ranked as one of the best places in the country for alternative… View Article

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You. What’s the Deal with Employment Verification?

  Applying for a new apartment typically involves a decent amount of paperwork. If it’s a quality apartment, chances are one of those documents will be a consent to perform a background check and employment verification. But do they really follow through with these things, or are they just doing it for show? After all,… View Article

Q&A Time! Questions to Prepare for When Working with an Apartment Locator

Working with an apartment locator service like ours comes with tremendous benefits. First, it won’t cost you a single penny. Second, you’ll get access to some of the most sought-after Dallas apartments, some of which aren’t even listed as available publicly yet. Thirdly, we’ll handle almost all of the legwork on your behalf. Sounds pretty… View Article

To Insure, or Not to Insure: Should You Invest in Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is a specific kind of insurance coverage that is designed to protect your belongings when you don’t own your own home. Unlike homeowners insurance, which covers everything including the structure of a dwelling, renters insurance focuses primarily on the contents contained within a particular rented unit. Simply put, renters insurance policies provide compensation… View Article

To Renew or Not to Renew? 3 Critical Things to Know About Lease Renewals

The topic of leases usually comes up when you’re looking for a new place, but what about when that lease period is up? 12 months can fly by pretty quickly, and it’s important to have an idea of what your options are, as well as what renewing an existing lease may or may not entail…. View Article

Size Matters: How Much Apartment Square Footage Do I Need?

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding which Dallas apartment is right for you. For instance, do you need a place that’s pet-friendly? Are there certain amenities that are “must-haves”, like a fitness center or free parking? Then there’s the question of size. You don’t want to end up locked into a… View Article

Dallas Apartment Now Also Your Dallas Office? Here Are 5 Tips to Avoid Remote-Work Burnout

Since the pandemic began, 62% of US workers have made the transition from working on-site to working from home. While this may seem like the ideal arrangement to some, to others, it’s incredibly challenging. Working in an unstructured environment where distractions abound isn’t always easy. Couple this with the stress of the health crisis and… View Article

5 Things to Know About Living in Dallas

  As the largest inland metropolitan area in the entire country, Dallas is as diverse as it is massive. If you’re new to the area, there are a lot of things you probably don’t know about “The Big D,” many of which could make living here even better. To get the inside scoop, we asked… View Article

The Millennial’s Guide to Apartment Hunting

According to a recent Rent.com survey of 1,000 Millennial renters, nearly eight out of 10 of them say they don’t plan on trading their apartments for homes anytime soon. There are plenty of reasons to lease vs. buy a place, from cost to flexibility to convenience factor and more. But finding a Dallas apartment that’s affordable, well-situated… View Article

Which Lease is Right for You? The Pros and Cons of Month-to-Month Rental Agreements

  There are a lot of choices to be made when choosing a Dallas apartment. Which neighborhood should you select? What amenities do you consider must-haves? And – one of the most important ones – what kind of lease should you sign? While many landlords and property managers require a lease of at least one… View Article

Save Some Dough and Enjoy Your Favorite Boozy Beverage with These 5 Best BYOB Restaurants in Dallas

There’s nothing more liberating than a restaurant that allows you to supply your own alcohol. Not only do you get to drink what you want, but it’s way less expensive to bring your own. Whether you’re pinching pennies, itching to try that bottle of wine that was gifted to you or you’re simply particular about… View Article

Virtual Apartment Hunting – 5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Apartment Over the Phone

  If there’s one thing we’ve learned from these past several months, it’s that just about anything can be done virtually if you’re thoughtful and creative enough. Believe it or not, this includes finding an apartment. Thankfully, tools like live video streaming technology have made it incredibly easy and convenient to get a good feel… View Article

5 Simple Strategies to Take the Stress Out of Apartment Hunting

  Let’s be real. Apartment hunting can be a drag. Not only does it take time away from your already-busy schedule, but choosing a place where you’re likely going to be locked into a lease for a year or more can be a stressful decision to make. To improve the chances of finding a place… View Article

How to Hire a Moving Company in 5 Simple Steps

When you’re planning a move, you’ve got a lot to think about. Even more so if you’re hiring a moving company. According to the BBB, over 5,700 complaints about movers and moving companies were filed in 2019 alone. Topping the list of complaints were damaged or missing items, invoices that were higher than estimated and… View Article

7 Reasons Walkability is a Must for Dallas Renters

There are a lot of awesome things about living in the DFW area, but one of the biggest benefits is the area’s walkability. For the unfamiliar, this term refers to how easy and convenient it is to get around a particular neighborhood on foot, and Dallas certainly doesn’t disappoint. Still not convinced? Here are seven… View Article

Relocating to Dallas from Out-of-State? Here’s What to Do with Your Car

Moving is a pain in the butt as it is. Having to relocate to an entirely different state makes it that much more complicated. Among the logistics you must figure out is what to do with your car. Some places are more vehicle-friendly than others, and of course, there’s the question of where to park…. View Article

Moving On Up – How to Snag a Dallas Luxury Apartment, Even if You’re on a Budget

The DFW area certainly has its fair share of neighborhoods, and as you’re probably already aware, some are more pricy than others. Living in a more expensive area can be great for young and up-and-comers, especially in terms of night-life and career opportunities. But renting a luxury apartment in Dallas when you’re on a budget… View Article

Roommate Living: Budgeting Tips for Shared Expenses

  Sharing your Dallas apartment with a roommate or two can be a great arrangement, but figuring out how to divvy up the bills can sometimes be challenging. The fact is, it’s not always as easy as just splitting everything 50/50, and different people have different viewpoints and practices when it comes to budgeting and… View Article

Thinking of Breaking Your Lease? 4 Important Things to Do First

  There comes a time in every renter’s life when it’s time to move on, whether it’s due to a relocation, a better opportunity, changes in circumstances or something else. When that time happens to arise in the middle of a lease, however, there are a number of things to consider – especially if you’re… View Article

How to Land a Killer Dallas Apartment for Less

There’s nothing better than snagging a great deal. So, what if you could land a kickass Dallas apartment and save money at the same time? Yes, it is possible to get a good deal on an apartment, whether it’s a one-time upfront savings or a lower monthly rate. That being said, there is a bit… View Article

Dallas Apartment Living – Covid-19 Edition

  These are definitely strange and challenging times we are living in. With the entire city of Dallas under a stay-at-home order until at least April 30th, people everywhere are feeling the impact of what a global pandemic can mean to a community. For those living in apartments, there are unique challenges to consider, both… View Article

Relocating to Dallas? 5 Tips for Renting an Apartment Sight Unseen

According to recent reports, Dallas leads the entire nation in relocations, with nearly 250 new people arriving on a daily basis. Often times, those moving to a new city face the challenging task of finding a place to stay without being able to do a walkthrough or inspection first. While signing a lease on a… View Article

Bad Credit? Here’s How You Can Still Get a Great Dallas Apartment.

Bad credit can be caused by any number of financial issues, from missing a few credit card payments to defaulting on your student loans to having a vehicle repossessed, etc. Once your credit score has taken a dive, it can seem almost impossible to climb back out of that hole. And since almost every major… View Article

No Surprises – 5 Extra Costs to Consider when Moving

When looking for a new Dallas apartment, one of the most important things to consider is cost. What will rent be? What type of deposit will I need? How much will utilities cost? How much apartment can I afford? These are all valid factors to consider. What many renters neglect to include in their calculations,… View Article

Timing is Everything – When and How to Get the Best Deal on a Dallas Apartment

  They say in life, timing is everything. Believe it or not, that concept can be applied to the apartment seeking process. We asked our experts, is there really a “best” time to rent an apartment in Dallas? While there’s technically no magical formula, there are certain factors that can impact the overall outcome. If… View Article

Myth Busters: 5 Common Misconceptions About Apartment Locators

  When people hear about what we do here at Dallas Apartment Locators, they often shy away, feeling as though our service is too good to be true. In reality, there are a lot of similar myths and misconceptions that prevent people from taking advantage of a service that can truly help them find the… View Article

Relocating to Dallas? Here’s How to Make Some Fast Friends

Moving to a completely new city can be a bit nerve-wracking. Starting over is never easy – especially when you don’t know anyone. Making new friends can sometimes feel like being the lonely kid on the playground. It’s awkward, intimidating and downright uncomfortable. The good news is, Dallas is huge, so you’re sure to find… View Article

Ultimate Guide of Must-Ask Questions When Touring an Apartment

New to the Dallas apartment scene? Deciding on a new place to live can be overwhelming – especially when you’re faced with signing a long-term lease. It can be helpful to know what questions to ask going in, before you make a decision, so you don’t end up locked into a contract you’re unhappy with…. View Article

Dallas Luxury Living – Snag the Perfect Place in 5 Simple Steps

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have major connections to land a luxury apartment in Dallas. What you do need, however, is a plan. After all, these places are hot commodities and, as such, tend to get snatched up pretty quick. Thankfully, our experience over the years has given us a blueprint for… View Article

Short Term vs. Long Term – Which Lease Option is Right for You?

  Deciding which Dallas apartment is right for you is only half of the equation. Once you’ve picked your place, the next important step is deciding which type of lease to enter into. Our apartment locators work with many different property managers and landlords who offer a variety of different lease terms, from one year… View Article

I’m Outta Here – Dallas Apartment Move Out Checklist

  As seasoned Dallas apartment locators, we’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and families who were in a transition period in their lives. Moving from one place t o another can be an exciting milestone. But the actual process of relocating can be incredibly stressful. One thing we always recommend is to create and use… View Article

5 Best Dive Bars with Cheap Drinks in Dallas

Dallas certainly has its fair share of lush lounges and ritzy restaurants, but what if you’re not into paying $15 a drink? The good news is, for every swank saloon, there’s at least one hole-in-the-wall that the regulars swear by. And don’t let the “dive bar” label fool you, either. These pubs offer a refreshingly… View Article

Are Apartment Locator Services a Scam?

One common question we get at Dallas Apartment Locators is whether or not our service is legit. It’s understandable. The idea of someone doing all the work in finding you the perfect Dallas apartment and not charging you a single penny can seem a bit too good to be true. But that’s how it works… View Article

Top 4 Best Dallas Neighborhoods for Millennials

  According to recent research, more millennials moved to the Dallas area than any other city in the entire United States. With so much to do, see and learn, it’s easy to understand why so many young people are attracted to the DFW area. If you’re among the generation born between 1981 and 1996 and… View Article

Stop Dogging Around – Finding a Dallas Apartment that Accepts Bigger Breeds

Searching for the perfect Dallas apartment can be challenging enough. Trying to find a great place that will also welcome your large-and-in-charge canine companion can make the apartment hunting process exponentially harder. A lot of times, even the places that claim to be “dog friendly” put certain limitations on size and breed. So, what’s a… View Article

Eco-Friendly Living – 5 Ways Apartment Dwellers can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Over the past several decades, we’ve become much more aware of the impact our everyday lives have on the state of the environment. Many of the things we do – from the gas we put in our cars to the amount of water and utilities we use, and even the foods we choose to eat… View Article

Dallas Luxury Apartments: How Much Can You Afford (and How You Can Afford MORE)

  With so much to do, see and experience, what’s not to love about living in the Dallas Fort Worth area? Given the explosive growth in population over the past several years, it seems everyone feels that way. To accommodate that growth, developers have been churning out more and more luxury Dallas apartments. These properties… View Article

Moving Sucks. Here’s How to Make Your Dallas Relocation Less Stressful.

  The idea of starting over in a new place can be heavenly. The process of actually getting from point A to point B? Not so much. Between packing boxes, scheduling moving and delivery vehicles and remembering the million things you have to do before saying sayonara, relocating can be a real pain. And while… View Article

A Match Made in Heaven: How to Pick the Perfect Dallas Neighborhood

When most people think of Dallas, they envision massive highways gridlocked with traffic and other congested big-city scenes. But the DFW area is made up of a number of neighborhoods that are remarkably different from these stereotypes. Some are progressive and eclectic while others are quaint and quiet. The challenge is figuring out which one… View Article

Roommate Driving You Nuts? 5 Signs You’re Ready for Your Own Place

Sharing your Dallas apartment with a roommate may have been a great arrangement for a while. Splitting the rent. Having someone to hang with. Lately, though, it’s kind of, well…sucked. He left dirty dishes in the sink…again. She “borrowed” your favorite sweater and spilled red wine on it. Those late-night, mid-week parties are getting super… View Article

5 Best Study and Work Spots in Oak Lawn

Most people think of Dallas a lively city that’s always buzzing with action. While this may be true to some degree, there are still plenty of refreshingly quiet areas. Take the neighborhood of Oak Lawn, for example. Amidst the growing selection of clubs, restaurants and hot spots, residents can find lots of locales with a… View Article

Top 4 Best Dallas Neighborhoods for Public Transit

If there’s one hallmark of Dallas, it’s the city’s notorious traffic. And while there is certainly no shortage of vehicles in and around the city, there’s also plenty of public transportation available. Of course, some areas are better equipped for public transit than others. If you’re looking to ditch the gas-guzzler but don’t feel like… View Article

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Roommate in Dallas

Getting a roommate can help defray some of the costs of living, which may enable you to find a Dallas apartment that’s either bigger, has more amenities, is located in a nicer neighborhood, etc. But sharing your living space with someone else can also be challenging. To avoid uncomfortable or unpleasant situations down the road,… View Article

10 Creative Dallas Date Night Ideas

Tired of the same old, boring date nights? Thankfully, Dallas has no shortage of things to do, places to go and activities for couples to experience together. To get you started, here are a few creative and fun ways from Dallas Apartment Locators to get your romance on in the DFW area. Dinner and drinks… View Article

5 Damage-Free Apartment Decorating Tips

One of the best things about renting a new Dallas apartment is giving it your own personal touches. Unfortunately, renting vs. owning also means having to decorate in ways that won’t damage the property. Thankfully there are plenty of creative ways to make an apartment feel more like a home without the risk of losing… View Article

Night Life in Dallas – Where to Be When the Sun Goes Down

Dallas may be known for its hot summer days, but there’s also a lot to experience when the stars come out. Whether you’re into laid back cocktails and conversations with friends, singing your heart out at karaoke, rocking out to some live music or dancing the night away at a local club, Dallas Apartment Locators‘… View Article

5 Best Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in DFW

  Did you know there are more than 600,000 dogs and cats living in the Dallas area? It’s no surprise, then, that Dallasites view “pet-friendly” as one of the most important features in a Dallas apartment. And, as in every city, there are some neighborhoods that are more conducive to four-legged residents than others. If… View Article

Negotiation Tips to Get the Best Deal on Your Dallas Apartment

  Paying rent is a necessary evil, sort of like death and taxes. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay full price. Believe it or not, negotiating rent is pretty commonplace. And while not every landlord is willing to compromise on price, many are more than happy to agree on a lower amount –… View Article

Studio Living: 10 Tips for Maximizing a Small Space

When it comes to Dallas apartments, there are plenty of options, many of which include beautiful, luxury studio apartments. While these units can certainly be economical and practical for some, one of the main challenges they pose is the obvious lack of space. The good news is, there are plenty of creative ways you can… View Article

5 Best Places in Uptown to Grab a Drink After Work

You work your ass off all day. You deserve to kick back and enjoy a nice, refreshing cocktail once quitting time rolls around. Thankfully, there are tons of great bars and restaurants in and around the Uptown, Dallas area – many of them conveniently located within walking distance. Whether you’re planning on commiserating with your… View Article

Dallas Apartment Locators Announce New Website Launch

Online PR News – 21-June-2019 – Dallas, TX – Dallas, TX – June 21, 2019 – Dallas Apartment Locators, leading provider of luxury apartment location assistance services, announced today the launch of its newly designed website at www.dallasapartmentlocators.co. The completely revamped site now offers quick and easy access to help those interested in renting an apartment… View Article

What’s Going Down in Dallas (November – December 2017)

Not sure what to do in Dallas this coming November to December? Plan your activities as early as now and take part in the fun and exciting events that are coming up in the next two months. STUDIO GHIBLI FEST November 5-6, 2017 Cinemark 17 with IMAX, 11819 Webb Chapel Road, Dallas, TX 75234 With… View Article

The Dallas Apartment Guide: What to Look for Before You Lease

Whether it’s your first foray into living alone or your latest attempt to find a leased apartment that feels just like home, there’s always a sense of excitement that comes with choosing a Dallas apartment to rent. However, as with any kind of decision that involves signing legally binding agreements and spending money, you need… View Article

How to Make Your New Dallas Apartment Feel Like Home

Few things in the world can beat the euphoria of moving into a new apartment. After all the packing and transporting, there’s a certain comfort that comes with you just being able to sit down and enjoy the fact that you’ve successfully relocated to Dallas. Of course, it’ll only take you about 10 minutes before… View Article

What’s Going Down in Dallas (September – October 2017)

Not sure what to do in Dallas this coming September to October? Plan your activities as early as now and take part in the fun and exciting events that are coming up in the next two months.   Picasso/Rivera: Still Life and the Precedence of Form All throughout September and October Southern Methodist University’s Meadows... View Article

How to Pack for Your Upcoming Summer Trip

We know you’re excited to spend your summer enjoying the sights, happenings, and must-visit sites in, near, and around uptown Dallas. Before you even leave your apartment, though, one of the first things you need to consider is how you’ll fit all your stuff when you make the trip. That’s why we’ve compiled a handful… View Article

The Dallas Apartment Guide: Keeping Your Living Space Looking Great

  In today’s Dallas Apartment Guide, we’ll be talking about how you can spice up the look of your current living space. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter if you’re living in one of the many Uptown Dallas apartments available for lease, or if you’re residing in an entirely different state. How your living space… View Article

Moving 101: Seven Things You Need to Do Before Leaving Your Dallas Rental

Congrats…you’ve found the Dallas apartment of your dreams. You’re moving up in the world, and in the process, will be leaving your old Dallas rental property behind. Preparing as much as possible in advance and knowing what to expect ahead of time can help improve your chances of getting your security deposit back and also... View Article

Lighten Up! 7 Creative Ways to Add More Natural Light to Your Dallas Apartment

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8 Things You Should Ask Before Renting Your Uptown Dallas Apartment

Image source: www.uptowndallas.net/ Without question, Uptown Dallas has become the place to be for apartment hunters, but if you’ve been searching for even just a short time you’ve probably already discovered not all options are the same. And given the fact that most decent Uptown Dallas apartments require that you sign a lease, it’s absolutely... View Article

7 Organization Tips to Go From Boxes High to Living in Style!

According to recent studies, Texas ranks among the top 10 states that people are moving to and the Dallas area is seeing about a 6% growth rate year over year. As a result, more and more luxury Dallas apartments are also cropping up to meet the growing demand. If you’re in the process of planning... View Article

10 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Peeps for Helping You Move Into Your New Place

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10 Tips to Ensure a Regret-Free Night after Partying at Your Neighborhood Bars

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8 Hacks to Becoming to a Home Organization Ninja in Your New Apartment

When you first moved into your new Dallas apartment, you were probably surrounded by boxes galore and wondering how on earth you had managed to accumulate so much stuff over the years. Now that things have begun to settle down and you’re all unpacked, it’s time to start getting organized. Not sure where to begin?... View Article

11 Free Things to Do to Make Your Dallas Summer a Success

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10 Restaurants and Bars to Buy Your First Drink after Getting Moved In

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Top 10 Dallas Apartment Pools to See and Be Seen This Summer

If there’s one thing Dallas, TX is known for, it’s our really hot summers. The good news is when the thermometer starts climbing, there are plenty of local places where you can beat the heat and maybe enjoy an ice-cold cocktail (or 3) while you’re at it. These 10 Dallas apartment community pools provide the... View Article

Top 15 Dog Friendly Restaurants & Bars in Dallas to Take Your Pup

Did you know that 44% of households in the state of TX include a canine family member? That’s over half a million dog owners in Dallas alone. And as more dog-loving Millennials enter the housing market, and more property managers adopt pet-friendly policies, it’s logical to assume that number will continue to rise. If you’re... View Article

Top 10 Uptown Dallas Restaurants and Bars to Enjoy Wine Down Wednesday

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12 Reasons Why Hiring an Apartment Locating Agency Makes Your Search Less Stressful

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Top 7 Most Walkable Dallas Neighborhoods to Live In

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Top 10 Reasons Why Uptown Dallas is the Place to Rent in 2016

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