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Save Some Dough and Enjoy Your Favorite Boozy Beverage with These 5 Best BYOB Restaurants in Dallas

There’s nothing more liberating than a restaurant that allows you to supply your own alcohol. Not only do you get to drink what you want, but it’s way less expensive to bring your own. Whether you’re pinching pennies, itching to try that bottle of wine that was gifted to you or you’re simply particular about the brand of booze you prefer, here are a handful of awesome Dallas area haunts that offer delicious food and BYOB, as recommended by our most seasoned Dallas apartment locators.


Sevan G&G Café

If you’re a fan of Mediterranean fare, then you’ll want to add Sevan into your dining out rotation. Located in Lower Greenville, Sevan G&G Café specializes in freshly prepared, authentic and healthy meals (falafel, anyone?) served in a casual, cozy atmosphere. Best of all, their menu is affordable, which is great for anyone on a tight budget, and you can bring your beverage of choice. Brunch and dinner are both available, so why not check them out some time this week?



Aboca’s Italian Grill in Richardson is one of those great, old-fashioned, family-owned restaurants where guests are made to feel like family. The portions are massive and prepared only the finest, freshest ingredients. Their menu is impressive, packed with everything from pizza and salads to traditional pasta dishes that’ll make you think you’ve been teleported straight to Sicily. Wine is available for purchase, but you can also BYOB, so it’s good for the wallet as well!


Sakhuu Thai

Like authentic Thai cuisine? Then you’re going to love Sakhuu Thai. With two locations, there’s double the deliciousness. Order up some spring rolls or chicken satay. Or, take a walk on the wilder side with their spicy edamame or panang curry. And, of course, there’s always pad Thai, which is definitely a customer favorite. Best of all, Sakhuu is delightfully BYOB, so you can pair your preference with whatever boozy beverage you’d like.



Plano is home to more than just some of the area’s nicest Dallas luxury apartments. It’s also home to Zorba’s Greek Café, a quaint, friendly establishment where you “come as a stranger, and leave as a friend.” A friend that’s stuffed to the gills with delectable, home-style Greek food, that is. Everything they prepare comes from family recipes – no cookbooks allowed. Enjoy some moussaka or an authentic Greek gyro. For dessert, indulge in a slice of baklava cheesecake, and wash it all down with your favorite wine, beer or spirits. Opa!


Babe’s Chicken Dinner House

When you’ve got a hankering for some good ol’ fashioned comfort food and prefer to dine in a more casual atmosphere, Babe’s doesn’t disappoint. Their menu is incredibly simple, and features just what you’d expect – fried chicken, chicken fried steak, fried catfish and the like – served up with generous helpings of traditional home-cooked sides, like corn, mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy. And, of course, you can bring along your go-to adult beverage to accompany your meal.


What did we miss? Have a favorite BYOB spot or hidden gem to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Best Dive Bars with Cheap Drinks in Dallas

5 Best Dive Bars with Cheap Drinks in Dallas

Dallas certainly has its fair share of lush lounges and ritzy restaurants, but what if you’re not into paying $15 a drink? The good news is, for every swank saloon, there’s at least one hole-in-the-wall that the regulars swear by. And don’t let the “dive bar” label fool you, either. These pubs offer a refreshingly laid-back atmosphere and affordable drink options that are just as good as (if not better than) the ones being poured at those posh places. The next time you’re in the mood to throw a few back without putting a serious dent in your paycheck, check out a few our Dallas apartment locators’ favorite haunts below.


Grapevine Bar

Feel like shooting some hoops while sipping on an Everclear bellini? Want to let your hair down and share beauty secrets with some bona fide drag queens? Believe it or not, you can check both of those things off your to-do list at the Grapevine Bar. This Oak Lawn gem’s many accolades include “Best Dive Bar”, “Best Straight Bar”, “Best Gay Bar” and “Best Happy Hour.” Order a drink off the secret, naughty list…if you dare.


Lee Harvey’s

Take a step back in time at this quaint South Dallas bar, where the wood-paneled walls, vinyl booths and classic light-up beer signs have been around longer than most of the patrons. Lee Harvey’s offers cheap drinks and a full-menu (order the onion rings – trust us) and live music most weekends. Hang indoors or kick back outside on their huge patio, complete with picnic benches and fire pits.


Double Wide

The name of this Deep Ellum treasure says it all. From the seedy “tongue-in-cheek” décor inspired by stereotypical trailer park trash, to the unique outdoor patio, complete with Astro-turf flooring and toilets-turned-patio-chairs, this is one local dive bar you simply have to experience. There’s live music most weekends and happy hour daily.


Tradewinds Social Club

What’s a dive bar without a few pool tables, a dance floor, friendly bartenders and dirt-cheap drinks? If that sounds like heaven to you, then head over to Tradewinds Social Club. This off-the-beat-path, Oak Cliff hole-in-the-wall features live entertainment and DJs, so you can dance the night away without draining your bank account.


Wit’s End

If it’s live local music you’re craving, Deep Ellum’s Wit’s End is the place to be. Unassuming, with just a few beers on tap and a decent selection of liquor, this is where the locals gather to take in some tunes and toss a few back. Oh, and did we mention their rooftop bar? If you love drinking under the stars but don’t feel like dressing up or dishing out boatloads of cash, give Wit’s End a whirl. You won’t be sorry!

There’s a time and a place for costly craft beer and expertly crafted cocktails. Most of the time, though, there’s just nothing like a good dive bar. Give our top five a try and let us know what you think!

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10 Creative Dallas Date Night Ideas

Tired of the same old, boring date nights? Thankfully, Dallas has no shortage of things to do, places to go and activities for couples to experience together. To get you started, here are a few creative and fun ways from Dallas Apartment Locators to get your romance on in the DFW area.


Dinner and drinks with a view. Enjoy world-class dining at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant. Located on the 50th floor of the 560-foot Reunion Tower, you and your date can take in some spectacular 360-degree views of the city from the revolving dining room and its floor-to-ceiling windows.


Picnic in Klyde Warren Park. For a more laid back (and much less expensive) experience, pack a basket, grab a blanket and bring your sweetheart to Klyde Warren Park. Lounge together on the grassy area, play a game of ping pong and hit up some of the food trucks for some tasty treats.


Indoor ice skating at the Galleria. Ice skating? In Dallas?!? Yes! The bottom floor of the Galleria Mall features a full-sized ice rink that offers year-round skating. It’s especially magical around Christmas time, when the mall erects a massive tree at center ice.


Sunset sail on White Rock Lake. Nothing says romance quite like taking in a breathtaking sunset together. The Spirit of Dallas offers this magical experience several times a week on its 38’ custom catamaran. Best of all? Sailing is free for everyone. You just have to make a reservation in advance. (They fill up fast, though, so be sure to plan ahead.)


Late night fun at the museum. On the third Friday of every month (excluding December), the Dallas Museum of Art offers “Late Night Fridays,” during which couples can explore the many exhibits and take in some awesome entertainment, including live music, readings, movie screenings and more. And at just $10 a ticket, it’s a great, affordable night out.

Wine tasting across DFW. The Dallas Fort Worth area may not be the first place you think of when it comes to wine, but there are a surprising number of hidden gems right in our backyard. The North Texas Wine Country alone features 26 wineries just waiting to be explored. Arrange and Uber and enjoy a leisurely day of sipping and sampling together.


Blow off some steam at The Southern Cross. If you and your partner are up for a challenge, The Southern Cross offers an almost endless list of activities. From zip lining and rock climbing to fishing, swimming and volley ball, it’s a great place to spend the day. It’s also home to the Trinity Forest Adventure Park, an aerial adventure park consisting of high ropes courses of varying levels of difficulty.


Listen to live music at the Nasher Sculpture Center. Another awesome and FREE event is the ‘til Midnight series. Lay out a blanket in the beautiful Nasher Garden and enjoy live outdoor concerts and film screenings. Onsite bar services and grab-and-go snacks are also available for purchase.


Get in touch with your wild side. The Dallas Zoo features the largest zoological experience in all of Texas. In addition to their massive selection of animals and exhibits, they also offer a number of special and seasonal events, including Safari Nights Concert Series and Brew at the Zoo. For a little added romance, head over during the holiday season when the zoo is transformed into a winter wonderland with one million twinkling lights.


Escape city life at the Dallas Arboretum. Explore what’s considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful botanical gardens. With 66 acres of serene grounds, it’s a great way to get in touch with nature and with each other. While you’re there, be sure to stop by A Tasteful Place, a 3.5-acre ornamental garden, pavilion and kitchen that offers three free daily tastings, cooking demos and more.

What did we miss? Tell us your favorite date night hot spots in the comment section below.

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10 Tips to Ensure a Regret-Free Night after Partying at Your Neighborhood Bars

Without question, the Dallas bar scene is one of the hottest in the country, offering everything from creative cocktails to just about every beer on the market. Whatever your forte, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for among the plethora of watering holes in and around the Dallas area. But before you gather your crew and get ready to get your drink on, be sure to keep the following tips in mind to ensure that you won’t wake up with any regrets the next day.

Plan Ahead – No need to get all ‘OCD’ about it, but it’s still a good idea to have a general game plan, at least from a safety standpoint. Most Dallas bars are within walking distance so it should be easy to leave the car at home and hit the town on foot, but if the spot you’re heading to happens to be further away, get a designated driver, or take public transportation, like the DART. This will ensure that you and everyone else around you can enjoy a safe, worry-free evening.

Pace Yourself – We all know that one guy or girl that gets a little too enthusiastic at the first stop and ends up completely wasted by the second. Don’t be that guy or girl. Otherwise your friends will be stuck dragging your drunk behind around or leaving you with the annoyed bartender. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So while that line of whiskey shooters may seem like a great way to start the night, take your time, pace yourself and enjoy the evening.

Dallas Apartment Locators - 10 Tips to Ensure a Regret Free Night After Partying at Your Neighborhood Bars - Drink Water Image

Drink Water – One of the biggest causes of hangovers is dehydration. You can avoid this by drinking plenty of water beforehand and staying hydrated throughout the evening. As you make your way to various Dallas bars and nightclubs, remember to grab a glass of water every so often. This can also help you avoid getting too tipsy too quickly (see above). Remember – water is your friend.

Don’t Rush – They’re called pub crawls for a reason. If you were supposed to speed from bar to bar, they’d be known as pub runs. Not only do you want to pace yourself drink-wise, but also location. There’s no need to rush around. Take your time. Enjoy your surroundings. Unwind after a long day or week – you deserve it. Most Dallas bars and clubs are designed to make patrons feel comfortable and at home, so go with the flow and enjoy the experience.

Don’t Get Bogged Down – Ok, so we did just tell you not to rush, but you also don’t want to be stuck at one place all night – especially given the huge number of awesome bars in Dallas. It really is a delicate balancing act, but nobody wants to wake up the next day feeling like they missed out on an amazing night. Staying at one place too long can also make it more difficult to pace yourself because it can be tough to gauge how drunk you are if you’re not up and moving around.

Have an Agenda – One way you can avoid staying too long in one place is to have a general game plan before heading into each bar. Figure out how many drinks you want to have and how long you’d like to stay. Keep everyone in the loop so that if one person in your group seems to be lingering (or gets trapped in a conversation with a stranger at the bar) the others will know when to step in and move things along. You don’t have to stick to a rigid timeframe, but it’s good to have an exit strategy to fall back on.

Don’t Get Stuck Together – You may be traveling in a group, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick together at every bar. Then you’d never have the opportunity to meet other awesome people who also happen to call the Dallas area home. Feel free to mix and mingle at each locale and encourage your friends to do the same. Or, break things up into smaller groups so it won’t be so intimidating for others to join in the conversation. You don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity and wake up kicking yourself for it the next day.

Don’t Get Too Separated – While it’s perfectly acceptable, even encouraged that you all spread out and mingle, try not to get too carried away. Sticking together is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is ensuring that everyone in your party stays safe and makes it home ok at the end of the night. Give each other space, but keep an eye on one another as well. And, of course, keep your phones at the ready just in case you lose track of someone in your group.

Don’t Mix – As the night wears on, you may decide to change things up with what you’re drinking – especially since different Dallas bars will be offering a variety of drink specials. As tempting as it might be, the regret you’ll feel in the morning – typically in the form of a nasty hangover – will not be worth it. If there’s a particular drink you have in mind, stick with that, or at least some variation of it, for the night.

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Have Fun – The last regret you want to avoid is not allowing yourself to have a good enough time. The Dallas bar scene is one of the best in the country and your friends are pretty amazing as well. Relax. Enjoy yourself. Experience the awesomeness of your surroundings, meet new people and make it a night to truly remember.

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10 Restaurants and Bars to Buy Your First Drink after Getting Moved In

Congratulations on your new move! That was no easy feat! First, you were lucky enough to snag one of the many beautiful apartments in Dallas. Then, you handled the move like a rock star. Perhaps you’ve even finished unpacking and are already getting settled into your new digs. Next on the agenda? Going out to celebrate, of course! Depending on which Dallas neighborhood you’ve relocated to, here are the top 10 places to grab that first celebratory drink.

West Village – Public School 214

Image via Facebook

West Village – Public School 214

Centrally located on right off of McKinney Avenue, this trendy restaurant is the perfect place to unwind and start getting to know the locals. Pick from a menu of creative choices, with dishes ranging from traditional fish and chips to BBQ bison burgers. And, of course, wash it all down with something from their wide selection of beer, wine and cocktails.

Uptown – State & Allen Kitchen Bar

Image via Pinterest

Uptown – State & Allen Kitchen Bar

Perhaps no bar and eatery epitomizes Uptown Dallas better than State & Allen Kitchen Bar. Whether you’re just looking to grab a quick cocktail or would rather stay and savor the impeccably prepared food, this is the place to do so. Relax on the patio with some friends – old and new – and enjoy the beauty and personality that the Uptown area brings to the table.

Victory Park – Medina Oven & Bar

Image via Website

Victory Park – Medina Oven & Bar

Located inside Victory Park, in the heart of Dallas, this establishment offers unique décor, spectacular views and an ambiance all its own. Enjoy a break from the norm and get in touch with your cultural side with their impressive selection of traditional Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes. It’s the perfect place to eat, drink and socialize when you’re in the mood for a more laid back, intimate experience.

Downtown – The Woolworth

Image via Facebook

Downtown – The Woolworth

The Woolworth’s low key atmosphere provides the ideal contrast to Downtown Dallas’ bustling vibe. Their creative menu incorporates a fusion of world cuisines and transforms them into delectable offerings. Pair them with handcrafted drinks and imaginative cocktails to complete your experience. The restaurant’s website says they cater to the dreamer, grinder, lover, dancer and doer. If you’re any of these, this is the place for you!

Oak Lawn – Winslow’s

Image via http://www.localbozo.com/2013/10/the-winslow-east-village-drink-here-now/

Oak Lawn – Winslow’s

Ideally located within walking distance of most Dallas apartments, Winslow’s was named after the owner’s beloved rescue dog. We can only assume that the restaurant’s namesake was friendly and unassuming, as that’s exactly how one could describe this eatery. The menu, like the space, is small and cozy, but the food is always fresh and delicious. There’s also a full bar and a pretty impressive wine menu from which to choose.

Knox-Henderson – Vickery Park

Image via https://foursquare.com/vickeryparkbar

Knox-Henderson – Vickery Park

If you’re looking for a place in the Knox-Henderson area of Dallas where the menu is tasty yet affordable, Vickery Park is it. In fact, this watering hole has become somewhat legendary for its amazing happy hour specials on both food and drinks. Nestled amongst the boutique shops and chef-driven eateries, this restaurant is refreshingly unpretentious, offering a warm, inviting atmosphere where guests can feel right at home.

Turtle Creek – The Mansion Restaurant

Image via Website

Turtle Creek – The Mansion Restaurant

For a unique and memorable dining (or drinking) experience, The Mansion Restaurant has been the popular choice in the area for nearly 40 years. Don’t let the name fool you. With an inviting menu of approachable options, affectionately referred to as “haute cuisine, Texas style,” guests can enjoy contemporary dishes with distinct regional influences. And while it is considered “upscale,” you don’t have to don a jacket and tie or put on your best high heels to dine here. We’ll drink to that!

Design District – Meddlesome Moth

Image via Website

Design District – Meddlesome Moth

With a spectacularly eclectic décor, it’s no surprise that the Meddlesome Moth is the place to be in the Dallas Design District. The food here is expertly crafted using ingredients sourced from a number of local providers, making it as fresh as it is tasty. Perhaps equally as impressive as their menu, however, is their plethora of drink options. Their full bar happens to include one of the city’s best beer menus, featuring 40 draught beers, two live ales and more than 85 bottles.

Highland Park – Toulouse Café & Bar

Image Via Website

Highland Park – Toulouse Café & Bar

True to its namesake, this hidden gem is reminiscent of a charming Parisian café, where you’re likely to bump into friends and find yourself chatting with other patrons at neighboring tables. Toulouse’ menu features imaginative, seasonal items and mouth-watering specialties a la Française, not to mention the decadent made-from-scratch desserts and extensive wine list. It’s sure to become one of the places you’ll want to frequent.

(Image Source: Their Website)

Medical District – Asador

The word Asador refers to the technique of cooking meats over an open flame. This prehistoric method of cooking captures the simplicity of freshness and localism, as evidenced in the restaurant’s ever-changing menu of dishes that combine traditional flavors, fresh ingredients and all naturally raised meats, poultry and seafood. Even their cocktails are handcrafted using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It’s truly an experience your taste buds won’t soon forget!

As one of the newest members to the Dallas apartment scene, getting out socially can be intimidating. Knowing what local haunts are the best places to grab a bite, sip a drink and meet some new friends can make the transition a little bit easier. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start celebrating! You deserve it. Cheers!

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Top 10 Uptown Dallas Restaurants and Bars to Enjoy Wine Down Wednesday

You work hard for your money and by the time Wednesday comes, you’re ready to let down your hair, hit the town and celebrate hump day with a glass or two of vino. Luckily, Uptown Dallas happens to be home to a plethora of restaurants, bars and other hot-spots where you can savor this unofficial weekly holiday without breaking the bank in the process. Not sure where to start? Here are the top 10 best local watering holes to enjoy wine down Wednesday.


Image via Fat Rabbit's Facebook Page

Image via Fat Rabbit’s Facebook Page


Fat Rabbit – This popular Uptown Dallas haunt offers a combination of deliciously crafted food, friendly atmosphere, and, of course, some great drink specials. Sit on the patio, enjoy the sounds of one of the many live bands that perform here and pour a glass or two from your half-priced bottle of wine. The special is available all day, every Wednesday, so mark your calendar and bring your appetite.



Image via Palomino Facebook


Palomino – Conveniently located in the Crescent Atrium, the Palomino Restaurant and Bar features a great ambiance with indoor/outdoor seating options. The full menu spans the gambit from fresh, seasonal salads to pizza and signature Mediterranean dishes. Plus, every Wednesday, patrons can enjoy bottles of wine at half price all day. Cheers!


Momo's Italian Restaurant

Image via Momo’s Italian Restaurant Facebook

MoMo’s Pasta – This little hidden gem is the perfect choice when you’re craving a hearty, traditional Italian meal. Cozy and comfortable with a friendly atmosphere and modern décor, MoMo’s is great for date night, family dinner or getting together with the girls. Every Wednesday is Ladies Night which includes a free glass of wine. It’s a bit challenging to find but well worth it.


The Social House

Image via The Social House’s Website

The Social House – As the name indicates, this local watering hole is the ideal place for gathering with friends and enjoying a bite to eat and a few cocktails. The menu is impressive, offering everything from sharable appetizers to creative dishes to decadent desserts. There’s also an excellent brunch selection, complete with signature mimosas, but we prefer their happy hour, which includes $2 off wine by the glass from 4-7pm.



Image via Gloria’s Uptown Facebook

Gloria’s – When you’re in the mood to spice things up and enjoy a little Latin sizzle, Gloria’s is sure to cure your craving. Snack on a heaping helping of their famous chips, salsa and black bean dip or go all in with one of their classic Mexican menu options. Need to whet your whistle? Not to worry. Along with their extensive drink selection and happy hour specials, Gloria’s offers a ½ price wine bottle deal that runs all day every Sunday through Wednesday.


Two Corks

Image via Two Corks Facebook Page

Two Corks & a Bottle – Feel like you’ve already visited all the restaurants in Uptown Dallas? Why not head off the beaten path with Two Corks & a Bottle? This sweet little hidden gem nestled amidst the hubbub of Uptown night life offers a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, complete with leather sofas, comfy couches and outdoor seating as well. It’s the perfect place to relax, unwind and maybe share a dessert. And don’t forget the wine, which you can get for 25% off from 4-7pm. Salute!


State & Allen - Kitchen/Bar

Image via State & Allen – Kitchen/Bar Facebook

State & Allen Kitchen & Bar – This popular Uptown eatery has made quite a name for itself thanks to its outstanding brunch menu, but its other courses are just as good. They offer a broad range of entrée options, from salads and sandwiches to pizza and a number of seasonal selections. There are also lots of drink specials available during the week, but we’re partial to Wednesdays, when you can enjoy ½ price wine all day.


The Grape

Image via The Grape Restaurant Facebook Page


The Grape Restaurant – Great ambiance and an ever-changing menu featuring creative dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. That’s pretty much how most people would describe the Grape Restaurant, and we’re not going to argue. After all, it’s the perfect place to bring a date, share a meal with friends or even just treat yourself. And if you do, make sure you go on Wednesdays, when full bottles of wine are 1/3 the price!


Origin Kitchen + Bar

Image via Origin Kitchen + Bar Facebook


Origin Kitchen & Bar – This trendy locale is a bit different from other Uptown Dallas bars as it offers exceptional farm to table dining options made with sustainable ingredients. That makes it ideal for those that prefer a healthier menu. From granola and fresh fruit to homemade hash to creative sandwiches bursting with flavor, it’s all the taste without the guilt. Even better – if you visit during the hours of 5-7pm, you can enjoy your wine for $2 less per glass. We’ll toast to that!


Nickel and Rye

Image via Nickel and Rye Facebook


Nickel and Rye – Ideally located, the Nickel and Rye has become a favorite among restaurants in Uptown Dallas, particularly for those who appreciate the great atmosphere, both inside and on the elegant outdoor patio. Whatever type of food you’re craving, you’re sure to find it on the extensive menu, and the portion sizes are equally impressive. Plus, every Wednesday, patrons can partake in ½ price wine and cheese boards. You won’t be disappointed.

The tradition of wine down Wednesday is alive and well in Uptown Dallas. Check out any of these awesome local eateries and celebrate the midway point of your week with a glass (or two) of delicious vino at a price you can’t beat. Enjoy!

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