What to Consider When Looking for an Apartment in Uptown Dallas

What to Consider When Looking for an Apartment in Uptown Dallas

Are you a young professional looking to move to Uptown, Dallas? That is the best decision you are going to make about your social life and experience. Uptown Dallas is famous for being home to many young people with a median age of 33.3 and for its breathtaking apartments. But we know that choosing an apartment can be an overwhelming process. But it does not have to be that hard. That’s why today we are discussing the factors to consider when choosing an apartment in Uptown Dallas.


Location is the primary factor many consider when looking for an apartment anywhere. They check if the apartment is within or outside the city center and the distance of the apartment from where they work, and other social amenities. Luckily enough, Uptown Dallas offers just that. It is located just outside the city and has all the necessary social amenities. Uptown Dallas is composed of several mini-neighborhoods.

  • West Village Dallas, which is the north part of Uptown Dallas.
  • The Pearl Dallas, which is the southmost part of Uptown Dallas.
  • Victory Park Dallas is directly connected to the Pearl connected to Uptown and Downtown.
  • State Thomas Dallas is on the east of McKinney Avenue.
  • Routh South, right on McKinney Avenue.

Each of these neighborhoods offers a different experience and personality. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the kind of lifestyle you want to live. Here is something about each neighborhood:


When looking at location, we ask ourselves which neighborhood in Uptown Dallas has the best walkability – i.e., you can walk within 7 minutes and reach key features. You will find that when living in Uptown Dallas, you don’t need a car because all the key services are just within walking distance. However, some areas are closer to your needs than others.

The West Village, the Katy Trail, and the Uptown Dallas Trolley are some of the areas with the highest walkability.

Social Life

I imagine you don’t want to live in a boring neighborhood with no fun activities. Well, Uptown Dallas is very generous in its social life and scenery. Also, you want to live in an apartment where it’s easy to meet new people and make friends, because what is life without friends anyway? So, what are some factors to consider to ensure an apartment in Uptown Dallas does just that?

  • Apartment Organized Events: Some apartments in Uptown Dallas are so committed to giving their residents opportunities to meet. They understand meeting new people is important for their residents, so they make it easier for them. These meet-ups can happen onsite at the apartment or offsite at Uptown Dallas restaurants or night spots.
  • Apartment Design: An apartment design can make it easier or difficult to meet people. The more a design gives you common areas, the easier it is to meet new people. For example, a shared mailbox area, a single garage entrance/exit, and a shared hallway to enter the building from the street allow you to meet people. But don’t worry; Dallas Apartment Locators can help you find an apartment that meets your needs.
  • Proximity to tourist attraction sites: An apartment close to tourist attractions will allow you to meet people. Although you may meet people in nightclubs, restaurants, and shops are better for meeting people. So, look for apartments located near these facilities.

The Real Apartment

You want to consider the structure of the actual apartment if you are going to get it. Apartments in Uptown Dallas come in different varieties. Some are luxurious high rises, some attractive mid-rises, and some traditional flats.

Mid-rise is the most common apartment design in Uptown Dallas. These apartments have the most value for your money, with their interior and exterior features. They also give you the most opportunities to meet people because most of their characteristics are commonly shared.

High-rise apartments are also popular. They have the best views and the most additional services, and they are the most expensive apartments.

Traditional apartments are no longer being built, although several traditional-like apartments exist. These traditional apartments are the ones you think of when you think of your room in college. Or a first-type apartment with stairs and no elevators, your door opens to the outdoors, older features inside, and floor plans that are basic and small.

The most important feature you should consider when choosing an apartment in Uptown Dallas is how new the apartment is. Let’s see why:

  • Newer apartments are greener and conserve energy better.
  • It’s just lovely to live in a place where you are the first resident or the second.
  • Newer apartments are good-looking.
  • People are interested in apartments.
  • Newer apartments have better amenities.


You also want to consider the amenities in Uptown Dallas to determine the desirability of the apartments. Apartments with the most amenities are not always the most desirable. However, well-designed and maintained amenities always contribute to the desirability and popularity of an apartment.

Some amenities to look for include:

  • A parking garage that is secured by an electronic key at no extra charge.
  • Washer/dryer included at no additional charge.
  • A well-maintained pool with grilling.
  • Professional gym with cardio equipment and some free weights.

Always remember:

  • Better amenities mean a better social life for you because the better the amenities, the more likely you are to meet other people.
  • Compare better amenities more than rent because better amenities will cut down your overall living costs.

Take Away

Those are the four most important factors to consider when choosing an apartment in Uptown, Dallas. Carefully examine each factor to ensure that any apartment meets your preferences. The end goal is to get an apartment that fits your ideal lifestyle.

At Dallas Apartment Locators, we help people find their ideal apartments in Uptown, Dallas. We walk with you every step of the way, touring, looking at the available apartments, and finally allowing you to choose your ideal apartment. Reach out to us today and find your ideal apartment in Uptown, Dallas.

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