Top 7 Most Walkable Dallas Neighborhoods to Live In

Top 7 Most Walkable Dallas Neighborhoods to Live In

There are arguably dozens, if not hundreds of reasons why Dallas is such an amazing place to live. Perhaps one of the biggest perks, however, is the convenience it affords to pedestrians. In fact, the Big D ranks quite high in terms of “walkability,” with a growing number of residents choosing to make their daily commute on foot. If you’re wondering which Dallas neighborhoods are the best for hitting the pavement and hoofing it, here are 7 we’d recommend.

Downtown Dallas – When it comes to pedestrian-friendly Dallas neighborhoods, downtown is consistently ranked among the most “walkable” in The Dallas Morning News’ Livability Analysis. With more than 1/5 of residents opting to commute on foot, downtown Dallas is a mecca for those who prefer to walk. And there’s certainly no shortage of things to walk to, from restaurants and nightclubs to fitness centers, galleries and just about everything else. Main Street Garden is a particularly popular community gathering place, offering WiFi access, beautiful scenery, a dog run and more.

Uptown Dallas – This burgeoning section of Dallas is a favorite among residents and visitors alike, with businesses, restaurants, shopping, theaters and a whole host of other activities all within walking distance. McKinney Avenue is a particularly popular section of Uptown Dallas for families as well as young professionals. Or, if you prefer to get your steps in off the beaten path, the Katy Trail is a beautiful, clean and safe place to do so. Uptown also happens to be home to a growing number of upscale Dallas apartments, all centrally located which is ideal for foot traffic.

Oak Lawn – This lovely Dallas neighborhood located along Oak Lawn Avenue seems like it was designed specifically for pedestrians. Along with its many retail establishments, there are plenty of restaurants, coffee houses and bars within close proximity for easy access. It’s also home to some of the city’s most notable recreational areas, including Lee Park. Oak Lawn’s ideal location – set comfortably apart from the nearby urban core of downtown – and decidedly pedestrian population makes it a particularly great place to live.

Knox-Henderson – Named for the two roads that connect it over US Highway 75, Knox-Henderson has become a favorite destination in the Dallas area. This neighborhood boasts a perfect balance between big name stores and quaint, locally owned shops and is also home to some of the city’s most popular restaurants, including such unique finds as the Velvet Taco. And despite its central location, Knox-Henderson has somehow managed to maintain a cozy, small-town vibe.

Bishop Arts District – Located just 10 minutes south of downtown, this Dallas neighborhood is known for its eclectic collection of trendy bars, restaurants, shops and art galleries. It’s also home to two of the area’s most iconic theaters: the Kessler and the Texas. Along with shopping, eating and a particularly vibrant nightlife, the Bishop Arts District has made its mark with the many outdoor events and street fairs it plays host to each year, including neighborhood wine walks and a variety of family-friendly activities.  

Grapevine Main Street – If you’re looking for some Texas history, you’ll find it in the beautiful Grapevine Main Street district. The area’s rich heritage has been perfectly preserved, yet there’s a vibrant undercurrent that has breathed new life in the form of trendy eateries, eclectic boutiques and quaint little shops. It’s also home to some of Dallas’ most popular events, including the annual Main Street Festival and GrapeFest, the largest wine festival in the Southwest.

Dallas Design District – What was once nothing more than a scattering of warehouses has since been transformed into one of the nicest (and most pedestrian-friendly) spots in the Dallas real estate market. Lots of dining options, a variety of shops and a plethora of art galleries all play a role in making this once-forgotten neighborhood one of the area’s best entertainment destinations. There’s even a retro-themed bowling alley that features a 75 foot bar and 40 beers on tap.

When it comes to pounding the pavement, Dallas ranks among the most favorable cities in the US for pedestrians. The 7 Dallas neighborhoods listed above represent the best of the best in terms of convenience, proximity and amenities. If your preferred mode of travel is your own two feet, Dallas is the ideal place to put down some roots. Contact us today to learn about the selection of gorgeous Dallas apartments that are currently available for rent.

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