Relocating to Dallas from Out-of-State? Here’s What to Do with Your Car

Relocating to Dallas from Out-of-State? Here’s What to Do with Your Car

Moving is a pain in the butt as it is. Having to relocate to an entirely different state makes it that much more complicated. Among the logistics you must figure out is what to do with your car. Some places are more vehicle-friendly than others, and of course, there’s the question of where to park. Thankfully, at Dallas Apartment Locators, we specialize in relocations, so we’re intimately familiar with the ins and outs of moving from another state.


If you’re planning a move to the Dallas area soon and you’re unsure what to do with your vehicle, here are some of your options.


Sell It

One simple solution to this dilemma is to just sell your vehicle prior to your move. Of course, if you’ve ever sold a car before, you already know that this can be easier said than done. Still, it may be worth it to cut ties now, so you don’t have the hassle of dealing with it after you move.


Living without a vehicle is perfectly doable, especially in Dallas, since clean, safe and affordable public transportation is readily available in almost every neighborhood. Plus, you could make a little extra money to upgrade your furnishings or stash away for emergencies.


A word to the wise, though – if you’re going to sell your car, be sure to put it on the market as soon as possible. You never know how long it might take to close the deal, and you don’t want any added stress as it gets closer to moving time.


Ship It / Drive It

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your vehicle, or you can’t afford to get out of the lease or contract you’re currently in, moving with your car is also an option. Of course, that then leaves you with the question of how to get your vehicle from point A to point B. The most obvious way is to drive it there, either by doing so yourself or asking someone else to drive it there for you.


Another option you may not have thought about is paying to have it shipped from your current location to your new digs. This is a great option for when you don’t want to put extra miles on your vehicle, such as with a lease, which often limits your mileage and results in a fee if you go over. It’s also a great choice for those who are simply way too stressed to have to deal with moving their vehicle on their own.


There are a lot of different vehicle shipping companies available online. Get some quotes and remember to give yourself enough time. If you wait too long, they may not be able to accommodate your vehicle.


If you do decide to ship, be sure to remove all personal items from your vehicle beforehand and purchase insurance from the shipping company to cover any potential damages.


And, of course, contact your new Dallas apartment to determine what your options are as far as parking and/or storage of your vehicle once it arrives.


Still haven’t picked a place yet? We’ve got Dallas apartments to suit every vehicle situation, including those in the heart of public transit as well as those with ample secure parking options. Get in touch today to learn more!

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