Myth Busters: 5 Common Misconceptions About Apartment Locators

Myth Busters: 5 Common Misconceptions About Apartment Locators


Myth Busters: 5 Common Misconceptions About Apartment Locators

When people hear about what we do here at Dallas Apartment Locators, they often shy away, feeling as though our service is too good to be true. In reality, there are a lot of similar myths and misconceptions that prevent people from taking advantage of a service that can truly help them find the perfect place. We’d like to set the record straight once and for all. Here are five of the most common mistruths about apartment locators and the reality behind them.


Myth: There’s got to be some sort of catch.

Perhaps the biggest misconception about apartment locators is that somehow we’ve got something up our sleeves. Prospective clients wonder if they’re going to end up having to pay some sort of hidden fee or extra charge once they’ve been matched with a property. This is simply not true. Our service is 100% free for apartment hunters. We make money from property managers or owners who pay us to find them good tenants.


Myth: Apartment locators don’t have my best interest in mind.

While it’s true that we are compensated by the managers and building owners, that doesn’t mean we only work for them. In fact, the opposite is true. Our main goal is to take care of our clients, regardless of who’s actually paying us. After all, it’s our reputation that’s on the line. At the end of the day, we’re not happy until both sides are satisfied with the outcome.


Myth: I can find the same properties on my own.

Some of them? Sure. But one of the major benefits of working with an apartment locator is the fact that we have the inside scoop. Because we have connections in the industry, we know about some pretty sweet properties that are available but haven’t yet been listed. We’re talking about some of the nicest Dallas apartments on the market. And you may never find out about them unless you’ve got an in.


Myth: I’ll pay a higher rent if I use a locator service.

Again, our compensation model is simple. Apartment owners and managers pay us to find them high-quality tenants to fill their vacant properties. That’s it. We don’t get kickbacks and the property owners/managers don’t magically charge a premium just because the tenant came from us. In fact, we may even be able to help you negotiate a better rent. So, don’t believe the hype.


Myth: Apartment locators just work from automated lists.

The fifth and final myth we’d like to dispel is that our service is cookie cutter. While this may be true for some of our competitors, at Dallas Apartment Locators, we pride ourselves on our personalized service. We’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and preferences, and then match you with properties that meet that criteria. If we don’t get it right the first time, we’ll adjust our sails and keep trying until we do. Getting you into a home you love is our highest priority.


The best way to determine what an apartment locator service can do for you and overcome any misconceptions you may have is to try it for yourself. What do you have to lose? Start your search today.

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