Moving Sucks. Here’s How to Make Your Dallas Relocation Less Stressful.

Moving Sucks. Here’s How to Make Your Dallas Relocation Less Stressful.

Moving Sucks. Here’s How to Make Your Dallas Relocation Less Stressful.


The idea of starting over in a new place can be heavenly. The process of actually getting from point A to point B? Not so much. Between packing boxes, scheduling moving and delivery vehicles and remembering the million things you have to do before saying sayonara, relocating can be a real pain. And while we can’t snap our fingers and make all the stress magically disappear (sorry), we can provide some sound advice to help make the process as easy and headache-free as possible. Here are a few tips from our Dallas relocation experts.


Start early.

There are a ton of things to be done before any move, whether it’s across town or across the country. The first key to reducing your stress levels is to start planning as early as possible. Make a checklist of everything you need to do and by when. Start doing some research and making some calls. Line up any third parties you’ll need (like movers) now, while there’s still plenty of time. The earlier you start getting your ducks in a row, the less chaotic the actual move will be.


Create a calendar.

In addition to having a detailed to-do list, you’ll want to set specific dates by which you need to tackle each of those items. We recommend breaking it down and prioritizing it by how far away you are from the actual move. For instance, at eight weeks out you’ll need to give notice at your current place and schedule your moving company. At six weeks, you’ll need to start packing. At four weeks out, you’ll want to change your address with the post office, etc. Not only will doing this ensure that nothing important slips through the cracks, but it’ll save your sanity. Trust us on this one.


Do your homework.

Moving to a new city isn’t easy. You can lessen this burden by doing research in advance of your move. Find out the important stuff, like which neighborhoods are the nicest (and in your price range). If you have kids or plan on possibly starting a family in the near future, check out the school systems. If your children happen to be of the four-legged variety, you’ll want to do your homework to determine which areas are more pet-friendly than others. (The good news is, we’ve already put together a great resource to get you started here.)


Secure your digs.

One of the biggest challenges of relocating is finding a place to live. Many people don’t have the luxury of making several trips and physically walking through various options. If you’re in that boat, the next best thing is to work with an apartment locating service, like us. You basically explain what you want in an apartment (i.e. square footage, number of bedrooms, pet-friendly, proximity to work, etc.), let us know your budget, and we’ll find you a match. Best of all, this service is absolutely free. Cha-ching!



If you’ve lived on your own for any amount of time, chances are you’ve accumulated a decent amount of “stuff,” whether it’s extra furniture, lots of clothing or a plethora of appliances you thought you’d need but never actually used (we’re looking at you, George Foreman grill). In any case, downsizing can help make the process of relocating to Dallas much easier and cheaper – especially if you’re paying the movers by the pound. Hold a yard sale. Sell stuff online. Donate it. Whatever floats your boat – just get rid of it.


And last, but certainly not least, try to relax. We know it’s easier said than done, but stressing out won’t help anyone, least of all yourself. Acknowledge that moving in general is almost always a hassle, let alone relocating to a new city or town. Just push through it and before you know it, you’ll be settled into your new place in no time!

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