How to Pack for Your Upcoming Summer Trip

How to Pack for Your Upcoming Summer Trip

We know you’re excited to spend your summer enjoying the sights, happenings, and must-visit sites in, near, and around uptown Dallas. Before you even leave your apartment, though, one of the first things you need to consider is how you’ll fit all your stuff when you make the trip.

That’s why we’ve compiled a handful of simple but effective packing tips to make sure that you don’t forget anything you need (or end up lugging around some very heavy bags).

Prepare a list of what you’ll need.

Without a list to guide you, you’ll inevitably end up trying to stuff more things than you’ll actually use inside your bags. Stick to the basics — your toothbrush, your first aid kit, your charger, and so on — and take this opportunity to identify what you WON’T be bringing, so that you won’t suddenly decide to add more to your luggage at the last minute.

Plan what you’ll wear.

More often than not, unprepared travellers end up packing more clothes than they’ll actually be using. Consider the weather when you pack your clothes, and try to stick to a theme (i.e. clothes that work well when you mix and match them).

To save extra space, roll everything instead of folding and piling them on top of each other. Not only will this leave you with more room for your other stuff, but this will also keep your clothes wrinkle-free!

Use ziplock bags for categorizing and organizing.

You can place small objects (such as keys and cards) or electronics (such as wires and phone chargers) inside resealable plastic bags to protect them and keep them in one place (and make them easier to find) during your trip.

Safeguard your stuff from spills with the right packing techniques.

One of the worst things to discover in your luggage is your shampoo or lotion smeared all over your clothes and gadgets because you forgot to spill-proof everything. Take the lid off your bottles and cover the opening of the bottle with cling wrap before screwing the cap back on.

You can also take extra precautionary measures by storing your liquid containers in double-layer plastic bags.

Don’t put your money in your wallet.

Putting your cash and valuables in obvious places is just about the quickest way to get robbed. Instead, be resourceful — use an empty shampoo bottle or lotion container, for instance, to keep your money, so that thieves won’t know what to get from your bag if they ever manage to open it without you knowing.

Think about what you REALLY need to carry on your person.

This is particularly important if you’re going to take a long trip via airplane. Evaluate what you want to include in your carry-on — things that you absolutely need, but also won’t give you a hard time carrying.
Limit your carry-on stuff to your laptop or your preferred handheld entertainment device, a bottle of water, earphones, and a book.

Know exactly what you want to do before you leave.

Do your research! Create a schedule and look up the important places you’ll need to hit up while you’re on your trip. If possible, identify stores, restaurants, medical institutions, and other important landmarks.

Lastly, enjoy your vacation!

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