Dallas Apartment Living – Covid-19 Edition

Dallas Apartment Living – Covid-19 Edition


These are definitely strange and challenging times we are living in. With the entire city of Dallas under a stay-at-home order until at least April 30th, people everywhere are feeling the impact of what a global pandemic can mean to a community. For those living in apartments, there are unique challenges to consider, both in terms of keeping yourself and others safe as well as dealing with being stuck at home for weeks on end. To help you get through this trying time, here are a few tips from our Dallas apartment experts.


Follow the rules.

They’ve been shoved down your throat non-stop for months now, and while it may seem a bit over the top, the rules are in place for a reason. Stay home unless you absolutely have to go out (and if you’re sick, don’t go out at all). Wear a face mask and disposable gloves when out in public to prevent transfer. Practice safe social distancing (at least 6 feet). Don’t gather in groups. And for God’s sake, wash your dang hands. If we are going to end this and get back to normal, we all have to do our part.


Avoid common areas.

Most luxury Dallas apartments feature a number of common areas where residents can gather, whether it be a pool, a fitness center, a laundry room or a courtyard. Yes, these perks are awesome and part of your rental agreement. But, no, you shouldn’t be using them right now – even if your landlord or property manager is technically allowing it. This virus is no joke and spending time in proximity with others outside of whomever you physically live with will increase your risk as well as the risk to those around you. There will be plenty of time to take advantage of these amenities once all this is over.


Be considerate.

We’re all spending more time at home now, and in a large Dallas apartment building, that can mean a lot more potential annoyances. You want to rock out to your favorite jam or binge Tiger King into the wee hours of the morning? Go right ahead. Just be mindful of others who live around you, whether it be your roommates or neighbors upstairs, downstairs or right next door. Watch or listen at a reasonable volume and keep your general noise level down as much as possible. Remember – eventually you’re going to have to make eye contact with these people again. Let’s not make it even more awkward.


Stay connected.

Being quarantined in your Dallas apartment, whether mandated or as a precautionary measure, can leave you feeling lonely and isolated. Just because you can’t physically interact with other people doesn’t mean you can’t still socialize. Today’s technology makes it super easy to stay connected, whether it’s through a FaceTime call, Facebook video messaging, a Zoom meeting or whatever other app or tool you prefer. (Pro Tip: try a virtual cocktail hour with your friends. That way you won’t be drinking alone.)


Being on lockdown can be challenging, especially if you’re living in a Dallas apartment. The tips above should help you navigate these trying times safely, with your health, sanity and personal relationships intact. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, take a deep breath. Keep your eye on the prize and before you know it, this will all be a weird, distant memory.

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