The Dallas Apartment Guide: Keeping Your Living Space Looking Great

The Dallas Apartment Guide: Keeping Your Living Space Looking Great


In today’s Dallas Apartment Guide, we’ll be talking about how you can spice up the look of your current living space.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter if you’re living in one of the many Uptown Dallas apartments available for lease, or if you’re residing in an entirely different state. How your living space looks still matters, as it has a direct effect on your level of comfort and quality of life.

However, you might find yourself challenged or limited by the fact that you don’t own the place you’re living in. Don’t fret, though, as there are ways to breathe life into your Dallas apartment without breaking any of your leasing terms OR spending a ton of money.

1.Invest in modular pieces.

Keeping in mind that you’re not living in a permanent space, you need to plan your decorations with mobility and ease of packing or replacement in mind.

Therefore, you should invest in versatile furniture pieces (such as tables that turn into storage containers or beds that fold into themselves and become couches) and decorative “tile tattoos” (removable stickers that can hide imperfections on your walls and tiles). You have plenty of options for temporary wallpaper stickers, too!

2. A bit of furniture rearranging goes a long way.

Sometimes, it’s all in the way you put your furniture together. Consider reorganizing your furniture to optimize space and give your living quarters a whole new look.

3. Upgraded lighting is a bright idea.

We’re not saying that you should go crazy and upgrade all your lighting fixtures at once — that’s a bit impractical. Instead, opt to switch out a couple of lamps, or use LED lights to enjoy well-lit rooms via energy-efficient light sources.

4. Add a dash of green to your apartment.

Have some plants in a window box to liven up the place. Having plants by your windowsill is a great way to improve your productivity, too!

5. Paint can be your best friend.

If you want a simple way to brighten up the colors in your apartment or simply give your eyes something new and relaxing to enjoy, a new coat of paint on your walls and furniture will go a long way. Of course, you’ll need to get permission from your landlords first before you go to town with that paintbrush, but believe us, some will even welcome the idea of you adding a touch of life to your leased apartment.

If you can’t repaint your walls, you can at least paint your furniture and make them look brand new. Pick a color that pops, but goes well with your interiors.

6. Hang up a painting or display your collection.

A well-placed oil painting will work wonders on even the most drab of walls. Pick your favorite painting and a nice frame to go with it, and hang it up a wall that needs some livening up. If you collect statues, figurines, or any other display items, find a space for them, like a bookshelf or a tabletop, and arrange them so that you can see all of them in their limited-edition glory.

Bonus tip: Get yourself a rug to hide any imperfections on your floor. It’s a cheap and simple solution that adds a touch of sophistication to your living space as well.

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