A Match Made in Heaven: How to Pick the Perfect Dallas Neighborhood

A Match Made in Heaven: How to Pick the Perfect Dallas Neighborhood

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When most people think of Dallas, they envision massive highways gridlocked with traffic and other congested big-city scenes. But the DFW area is made up of a number of neighborhoods that are remarkably different from these stereotypes. Some are progressive and eclectic while others are quaint and quiet. The challenge is figuring out which one is the right fit for you. If you’re having trouble deciding, here are five important factors to help narrow your choices.


First, ask yourself what type of living environment you are most comfortable in? Are you into the nightlife? If so, you’d probably love the urban vibe of Knox-Henderson or Uptown. Looking to settle down and start or raise a family? The suburban Las Colinas or Plano would probably be more your speed. Each Dallas neighborhood has its own unique personality. Learning what sets each of them apart can help you determine which one you’d fit in best with.


Next, think about what activities and amenities you’d like to have close to home. For example, if you’re the type who loves to spend the weekends shopping, the West Village area would be an ideal place to reside. Like to dine out a lot? Downtown Dallas is chock full of trendy restaurants representing almost every cuisine on earth. Into art and music? Settling down in the Design District or the Deep Ellum area makes pretty good sense.


In stark contrast to the bright lights, big city appeal of Downtown Dallas, many DFW neighborhoods are absolute havens for nature lovers. If you’re into biking or running, Uptown or Oak Lawn offer easy access to the Katy Trail. Similarly, there’s the 200-acre nature preserve in Plano, which is ideal for hiking, cycling or simply taking in some scenic views. And, of course, there’s the beautiful and activity-packed Klyde Warren Park, which meanders through Downtown, Uptown and the Arts District. If you’re the outdoorsy type, choosing a place with plenty of recreational activities is probably a good idea.


Another important factor to consider when deciding which Dallas neighborhood is the best match for you is the commute. Are you the type who prefers to use your feet to get from point A to point B? If so, a more walkable neighborhood, like Richardson or Oak Lawn, would probably be best. If public transportation is your vibe, your options are many. In fact, we recently rounded up the four best neighborhoods for public transit in Dallas. If your job requires a lot of out-of-town travel, look for an area like the Medical District, which offers easy access to the airport.

Personal Preference/Needs

The last thing to consider is your own personal needs and preferences. Are you a single, ambitious up-and-coming professional who is focused on climbing the corporate ladder? Then the more fast-paced environment of Downtown would probably be the best fit. Conversely, if you’re married and have a family, or have plans to start one soon, a quieter, more laid-back neighborhood with a solid school system, like Highland Park, might be a better choice.

Once you’ve gone through the five factors above and narrowed down your options, you’ll be able to start searching for an apartment that matches your budget. If you need help with this step, or you’re still unsure about which location you’re best suited for, give us a call. Our apartment locators know these neighborhoods inside and out and can help you find a place that is perfect for you.

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